You know the excitement that washes over you upon arriving at your dreamy island holiday destination? The warm seaside breeze, lush beachy scenery, and sunshine on your (spf-covered) face? Dubai’s queen of scents, Mona Kattan, bottled up that euphoric feeling and is putting us in a tropical state of mind with her latest bespoke KAYALI fragrance, Utopia Vanilla Coco l 21.

Last year, during lockdown, Mona crafted the final touches of Utopia and decided to, quite literally, infuse her love of sun-drenched holidays into the personality of this luxe fragrance. Inspired by her love of sweet vanilla, this Eau de Parfum Intense gives off a sweet and juicy summer aura that’s the perfect invisible accessory for sizzling date nights or selfie-filled brunches with the girls.

With the first spritz of Utopia, top notes of honeysuckle, pear blossom, Italian lemon, and coconut deliver a light and fresh scent that transitions into the middle natural floral notes of jasmine, gardenia, tuberose, and ambrette to deepen the Utopia experience. Mona finishes off the fragrance with a sultry combination of woody sandalwood, patchouli heart, vanilla bourbon and musks that speaks her holiday memories into existence.

Known for making the impossible, possible, our girl has single-handedly figured out how to put everyone on holiday, no matter where you are in the world. With no detail left undone, she has packaged it up for us in her signature, sophisticated KAYALI perfume bottle (and simultaneously upgrading our vanity shelfie). In addition to spritzing your pulse points, Mona recommends spraying your towel before drying your hair. Because ladies, the perfume is what they remember.

Kayali Utopia Vanilla Coco l 21, from Dhs108.