Image courtesy of Hermes

There’s no denying that the launch of Rouge Hermès lipstick back in 2020 was one of the most prestigious beauty developments in recent years. It was a makeup product (though it feels insufficient to refer to it as such) informed by 184 years of rich fashion history, and inspired by the creativity and quirk that make up the very DNA of the Hermès brand.

Now, some 12 months later, the house is set to usher in a second instalment: blush compacts, two brushes, and lip enhancers. As per Wallpaper, the blush compacts (aptly called Rose Hermès) are refillable and housed in a white casing emblazoned with the Hermès logo.

For Hermès Beauty’s creative director Jérôme Touron, a cheek-boosting blush powder was the natural next step in the context of the brands small but mighty makeup metier: “Rose Hermès initiates a subtle unveiling of the complexion,’ says Touron. ‘It is a palette of shades that sketches contours without fixing them, animating the face and giving it movement,” Touron told Wallpaper.

Much like the inaugural lipstick line, the blush shades were inspired by the brand’s vast archival collection of beautiful objects, whereas the finish is likened to a signature Hermès silk scarf; a soft, weightless powder that presumably glides over the skin, leaving behind a luminous, rosy, expensive-looking glow.

There are also the complimentary brushes (designed by creative director of shoe and fine jewellery collections, Pierre Hardy), included a tapered Kabuki and a longer design created to hug the cheek contour perfectly.

And because this is Hermès, there’s also a tiny carry case available, made of a vibrant fuchsia leather.

Image via Hermes

The final inclusion is a lip enhancer, that functions somewhat like a balm but with a subtle matte rosy finish (inspired by the brand’s signature calfskin leather, no less). Keeping in line with the Rose Hermès palette, it comes in three pink-based hues, all of which are designed to enhance the natural colour and beauty of the lips.

The Rose Hermès blush line, brushes and lip enhancers launched exclusively in Dubai on 5 April 2021 10 days ahead of the global release