Remember the times during lockdown where fashion was the least of our concerns and the only to-do list we had was Netflix, work from home and sleep? Fashion was a far-away lost dream and comfy outfits were our only companions. Love it or hate it, that was our life and many shared the same fate across the pandemic-induced world. Now, speaking of an unexpected turn of events, Adam Sandler is Google’s 2021 choice of the year’s most searched celeb fashion icon. You read that right, we’re all only playing for second place in terms of acing the quarantine style game.

While he might just be Superman in disguise, his comfy and in a way, aesthetic style of clothing has been all over the internet, with TikTok’s hashtag #Sandlercore garnering an accumulated 323.6K views. Here’s more proof of GenZ’s love for 00s fashion reigning into 2021. The only difference is that it’s been neatly tucked into the word ‘quarantine style’.


@brettmichaelsofficial did it first! (and better lmao) #sandlercore #sandlersummer

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Dare we say, in the never-ending fight of celebrities keeping up with new trends, Sandler’s made it clear that he isn’t fashion-conscious and likes to keep it casual. Evidently, it’s got the younger generations hooked to his style of celeb fashion, gaining points for its relatably inexpensive style and an accurate depiction of what our quarantine outfits looked like. With a net worth of $420 million, Sandler strays away from ideal societal fashion. From everyday paparazzi shots to premier red carpets, he’s donned on some baggy shorts and shirts at many renowned events.

If there’s anything to learn from 2021, let it be: Adam Sandler is the world’s new go-to fashion icon and his style is not going anywhere anytime soon. We’re looking at you, 2022.