Image courtesy of Mastercard Inc.

Great fashion is empowering not only for the wearer but also for the people involved in its production. That’s the principle behind the collaboration between Mastercard and Sarah Beydoun, the Lebanese designer behind Sarah’s Bag. The technology company partnered with Beydoun to launch the Official Expo 2020 Dubai limited-edition Priceless Collection of Sarah’s Bag merchandise. For this collection, Beydoun allies with previously disadvantaged female artisans and connects them with opportunities to continue supporting themselves, their families, and their wider communities. The collaboration is titled Priceless as a wordplay regarding the Mastercard’s background and the positive impact of Sarah’s Bag’s production. Keep your eyes peeled for Priceless, which launches on December 1st – just in time for the holidays.

Sarah Beydoun’s designs for Sarah’s Bag range from quirky, tongue-in-cheek, to extremely elegant. This range has made Sarah’s Bag a huge success, with an impressive clientele base that includes figureheads such as Queen Rania of Jordan and actress Mona Zaki. People are drawn to Sarah’s Bag for these signatures, which were carried over into the Priceless collection; blending the Sarah’s Bag’s brand codes with its thesis.

Image courtesy of Mastercard Inc.

We know that the Priceless collection contains Mini Pouches, Celeste Boxes, an Arabesque Gold Classis Clutch, and a Priceless Love Pochette. The themes within the collection include love hearts and “Priceless” spelt out across the exterior, and that beading is the primary practical design technique employed in the collection. The result: a line of gift-worthy bags that give back that have helped make them.

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