Perfumers use their product to paint an original picture that immerses and transforms the user with its unique body and landscape. The niche fragrance house Emperor Blue has decided to base their vision for their bespoke Private Collection on sensuality, timelessness, and passion. It’s the first release from the international luxury brand, after being founded in London in 2019. The private collection contains eight variations of the perfumes that have all been developed, manufactured and produced in Grasse, south of France.

Image courtesy of Emperor Blue

The art behind the product enhances the user experience and communicates the regal vision for the fragrances they’ve created. One can note the brand’s attention to detail and commitment to luxury when first coming across their product, as each perfume is presented in elevated packaging and high-grade glass. It demonstrates how Emperor Blue dedicates itself to the great traditions of luxury perfumes and user experience at every level of product development.

Emperor Blue’s goal for its private collection was to create timeless and innovative fragrances that welcome their customer into a world where feelings, emotions, and passion reign. The brand facilitates a rich conversation based on sensuality and fantasy between your nose and your brain with their complex mixtures. Each scent creates a presence for the wearer that indicates who they are and is as prominent as the clothing they’re wearing.

Many of Emperor Blue’s perfumes are base heavy with beeswax and amber and contain top notes of florals and spices. Each one transports you into the moment and tells the unique story of the eight fragrances in the Private Collection. For example, V elicits nostalgia for the luxury of the Bygone era with a classic leathery scent sweetened by notes of bee wax and amber. In comparison, IV represents the story of a woman entering her 30s, thrilled at the prospect of new horizons. Her story is narrated by fresh notes of neroli, subtleties of peach and red berries mixed with notes of jasmine and frangipani to accompany a deeper base of mossy patchouli and musk.

Image courtesy of Emperor Blue

Not only does Emperor Blue capture the pleasurable feelings and experience of luxury that they were trying to evoke with each fragrance, but their perfumes also transform the wearer into the portraits of the muses they so carefully crafted. It engineers excitement for the wearer who can participate in these stories and relate them to aspects of their life and personality. It also serves as a reminder that our story, and the story of Emperor Blue fragrances, is only just beginning.