Arab artisans

Al bon is the newest e-commerce platform creating a bridge between the Arabic and international markets. The online platform promotes Saudi and Arab artisans with the world by showcasing a unique selection of Arabic designed creations from Lebanon, Bahrain, Egypt, United Arab Emirates and many more. It allows the most prominent design enthusiasts the chance of discovering uniquely curated and selected creations directly from the hands of Arab designers.

“Al Bon was created to help preserve Arab craftsmanship and highlight the diverse talent in our community. By bringing attention to the region’s craft traditions and heritage, our goal is that the Al Bon marketplace will make it easier for customers to find these independent brands and to discover the stories behind each artist and designer. We hand select every piece with the hope that shoppers enjoy not only the beauty of each item but also discover something new about this enchanting part of the world,” reveals the founder.

By showcasing the history and traditional techniques of the Arab world, Al Bon is working toward redefining the meaning of “Arab Designs.” You can now access a wide variety of products from furniture to artwork, fashion and gifts, all while supporting local and allowing Arab’s greatest artists the chance of connecting with the international world.