Abayas were certainly not a thing of the past, because many believed it was just a cover-up to the true star of the show: your outfit beneath. As of recently, that has changed. An abaya has become a true necessity to your outerwear; thanks to our local influencers. These influencers have helped us shape up a new outlook on what an abaya truly is – just like your look is never really complete without the right lipstick to match, a stylish abaya has also become a necessary part of your outfit.

That is why we’ve rounded up some of the best abaya brands you need to keep on your radar, that are certainly approved by your favourite influencers.


The beauty of this brand is that it combines culture and couture into each one of its pieces.  This Saudi designer found inspiration from her heritage, adding a spoon of culture into every one of her creations. Nora Alshaikh thrives to share the beauty of her country through her designs, making sure each piece elevates the authenticity of Saudi design.


This Emirati brand is known for its ability to create pieces that are the epitome of grace. Founded in 2006, Manal Alhammadi has elevated the brand from a local shop to a world renowned atelier, with the likes of Piaget approaching her. This designer’s use of fabric and material to create unique pieces proves that with a good eye, you can create anything you set your mind to.


S.H. Studios’ designs are elegant, with a grasp of minimalism & sophistication. SH Studios’ first and foremost priority is to make their customer feel like they are walking the runway whenever dressed in their abayas. One of their most significant marketing methods is using Louboutin shoes for each of their photoshoots and encouraging customers to do the same when wearing one of their abayas.


Capa is a Riyadh-based brand that make each shopper radiate elegance and class. This brand’s classic designs show us that colours and out-of-the-ordinary fabrics are not a priority when it’s come to finding that perfect abaya for your day-to-day pursuit.


This progressive Saudi brand is a must-have in your closet. Gasah Studio’s captivating designs combine modernity and modesty into one. One of their goals is to stay ahead of trends and stand out amongst other abaya brands, and that is precisely what they managed to accomplish.


Samah Abayas by Samah Khashoggi is known for her unique touch with every abaya created.  The brand takes pride in the designer’s culture and uses that to their advantage when creating lines that are inspired by vital elements in Saudi culture. Her designs infuse creativity, art and heritage.