makeup no makeup look

Naturally, I’ve never been one for an extensive makeup routine. Less has always been more for me, and just the feeling of foundation, even if it’s the lightest formula, feels extremely heavy on my skin. I’ve constantly found myself gravitating toward lightweight products and anything that felt the slightest bit heavy was a complete no, no.

But for others, opting for a full coverage look may be their preferred route. Due to the pandemic and the ‘nowhere to go’ phase we went through when working full-time from home, many of us have found ourselves wearing less makeup and actually getting used to the idea of our face with no product whatsoever. I couldn’t help but notice the preferred makeup, no-makeup finish, which solely focused on glowy, refreshed and natural warmth to our skin.

At the end of the day, no matter how minimal our makeup is, there are always a few areas we feel could use some concealing or smoothening. This is why I wanted to share with you an easy-to-use formula for barely-there makeup that looks natural but still secures your complexion, all it takes is switching out a few of your older products and investing in a slightly newer one.

Exchange your powder bronzer for a cream-gel

I’ve always gravitated toward a powder base when it comes to bronzers but slowly realised that powder could be the quickest route to looking done up. After trying a cream-gel bronzer, I realised it blends easily and gives off a seamless look. It melts right into your skin, making it look extremely natural and not so done up.

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swap your primer for sheer powder

After applying your daily SPF and before applying a tinted moisturizer, a friend taught me this trick, if you apply a sheer powder all over your t-zone (especially if you have oily skin). It will instantly mattify your skin and give it a smooth effect, leaving your base feeling lightly powdered but covering your uneven texture without using heavy products on your face.

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switch your brow gel for a pencil

I love a natural brow that looks full but not overlined. I use to use a brow gel, but no matter how little product I used, it always came off sharp and bold, so I tried a soft brow pencil with a brush on the opposite end to brush through my brow hair and fill in any gaps for a subtle look. This allowed me to define my brows but not overpower them with a bold product.

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