Off-White has just named the Editor in Chief of Dazed, Ibrahim Kamara, as their newest Art and Image Director after the devastating passing of the late Virgil Abloh. Kamara’s role with the renowned fashion house will be to oversee the brand’s artistic direction including collections, image, and content.

Ibrahim Kamara’s unique style is characterized by defying stereotypical gender identity and allowing fluidity. He also embraces his West African roots through fashion by showcasing black beauty and identity. Kamara is known for his attention to detail which he owes to his years spent studying in the science field to become a doctor, until he later changed career paths to pursue fashion.

Abloh and Kamara have known each other personally and professionally for the last three years, forming a strong friendship, as well as a working relationship. They both shared their love for the artistry of the fashion industry and their desire to generate innovative trends.

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The Italian-based luxury fashion label focuses on creating streetwear that keeps up with the current times, yet is more high-fashion than your typical casual everyday apparel. Although the brand was just established in 2013, it has quickly gained traction, becoming one of the top luxury fashion brands in the industry.

Due to the brand’s high demand and popularity, it has expanded to reach all corners of the globe, including its extension to the Middle East. Off-White opened its first stores in Riyadh, KSA and has been an ongoing success all over the MENA region since.

“In the wake of Virgil’s tragic passing we have been working tirelessly to keep his legacy alive and the brand relevant as a point of reference and platform in constant evolution,” Off-WhiteTM CEO Andrea Grilli said.

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The passing of American fashion designer and entrepreneur Virgil Abloh on the 8th of November of last year was a devastating one for the community, but his legacy will continue to live on through his brand and unforgettable style. The company made the selection with careful thought to pridefully continue this legacy, and there was no one more fit than Kamara to fulfil the role.

“Having Ibrahim on board, who has been part of the Off-WhiteTM family for years styling our shows, to oversee art and creative of the brand in this next chapter is a great honour,” Off-WhiteTM CEO Andrea Grilli said.