Yalla! Let’s Talk. Podcast

Yalla! Let’s Talk is one of the latest podcasts in the Middle East, and is hosted by lawyer Hani Dajani. It is focused on self-improvement, from mental health to growth and everything in between, along with the mission to highlight untold stories of the Arab diaspora with the masses. Some of the special guests from their first season included Maya Hussein, Abbas Wahab, Zeyne and several more talented individuals, so keep an eye out for new episodes to learn more about their stories.

Gems Of Arabia

As one of the newest additions to the staple of podcasts in the Middle East, hosted by Designer and Arab empowerment enthusiast Hatem Alakeel, the series will connect on all things fashion, culture, design, and the rise of Saudi Arabian talents, sharing a unique perspective on Saudi’s future along with the rest of the Middle East.

Curated conversations

Hosted by Rohma Theunissen, ‘Curated Conversations’ highlights the Middle Eastern retail industry by addressing real-life challenges, trending topics and retail knowledge to guide their listeners. Allowing their on-the-go audience to learn from the regions most notable names.


A thought-provoking podcast, The Dukkan Show, hosted by Dubai-based creatives Omar Tom, Reem Hameed and Mohamad Akkaoui, was launched in 2015 with the aim to discuss all things culture entrepreneurship, single motherhood, and hip hop.


If you haven’t dived into Rana Nawas’s ‘When Women Win’ podcast, you are in for a treat. The Dubai-based speaker and writer digs deep into the lives of regional and international female CEOs, authors, artists, and entrepreneurs to discover their personal stories and what drives them.