Work of Art: An Underwater Utopia Fit Imagined By Versace

Spring/Summer 2021 offered a whole magical meaning to diving in the deep end

Work of Art: Chanel Visits Tinseltown

With silver screen starlets serving as her muse, Virginie Viard’s Chanel Spring/Summer 2021 collection was a dazzling production on Hollywood

Estoy En Fuego

It-Spain designer José Luis Días Megías’s ethereal, out-of-this-world designs elude easy definition. Drawing on an eclectic reservoir of references, ranging from traditional Chinese costume, to surrealist art, to queer culture, and even Transformers, Megias creates clothes that feel closer to works of art

Work Of Art: Dissolving Gender Boundaries With Louis Vuitton

Naturally, Nicolas Ghesquière did not disappoint when faced with the virtual fashion calendar. His response? A new norm to Louis Vuitton’s DNA…

Greatest Show On Earth

Bold colours. Brilliant sparkle. Bizarre proportions. Right now, we want beauty that goes its own way

To Market, To Market

Foraging for finds is an intrinsic part of the human experience. But in 2021, has purpose in possession changed? Enter a renewed focus on those heirloom-status wares

SS21 In Brief

With eye-grabbing prints, voluminous silhouettes, and fabulous woven pieces, the best of the Spring/Summer 2021 season offers a money-can’t-buy promise: Pure joy

The Siren & The Serpent

An ode to bold design, an ode to bold women


Nicolas Ghesquière’s Spring Summer 2021 offering at Louis Vuitton delivers the impossible: it makes us optimistic about the future

Next Of (S)kin

Meet four skincare pioneers driving the billion dollar industry forward

Work of Art: Giambattista Valli’s Bare Necessities

Make no mistake, while Spring/Summer 2021 may be stripped of Giambattista Valli’s former aesthetic, it is no less whimsical and wonderful

A Lasting Impression

A signature fragrance; a swipe of red lipstick. Tiny rituals often leave the biggest impact. Here, we’re looking at beauty moments in time, and the impressions they leave

What Comes Next?

The fashion industry was rocked by COVID-19. As we look cautiously toward the future, we investigate the role clothes will play in a post-pandemic world

The Art of Blossoming

In partnership with Paco Rabanne, model Luma Grothe talks to GRAZIA about her beauty secrets, lasting impressions, and a woman’s quest to find her joie de vivre

Pillow Talk

The lever is lurching back into gear. We’re being cast from our padded cells, our midday naps and our banana bread. We’re falling up the rabbit hole back into a neo-norm. But will we ever really wake from the dream? GRAZIA grabs an Extra Large Pillow Bag from Coach and takes the trip…

Portfolio Dior

During her five years at Christian Dior, Maria Grazia Chiuri has married the maison’s French heritage with a delicate Italian sensibility. GRAZIA takes her Roman-inspired Spring Summer 2021 collection to Florence, to enjoy a spell under the Tuscan sun

Portfolio Dior

Dior’s SS21 collection represents our deep-rooted, clawing desire to wear something beautiful while we travel to a place we’ve never been before. These are the clothes we will want to wear when – God willing – we are able to whisk ourselves off on spontaneous international sojourns again. Until that becomes a reality, we’ll settle for the magical escapism of a Christian Dior collection. It is, you must admit, a very good substitute

Through the Hourglass

In a year where time slowed to an occasional standstill, our appreciation for beautiful timepieces is at an all-time high


Chanel is a house well-versed in the power of a bold lip, but the latest launch takes it up a notch. Introducing Chanel Rouge Coco Bloom: a rich, luminous, lip-plumping formula that has all the pigment in the world and a glassy shine to match. Here, Chanel makeup artist Victoria Baron shows us how to wear her favourite shades

A Note From Our Editorial Director On The Renewed Value Of Time

GRAZIA's ninth biannual print edition "Through The Hourglass" is dedicated to our changing relationship with time and is out April 9. Read Jessica Bailey's introductory letter here

Time And Tide

A global change. An innocuous adjustment. A shift in focus. The renewed appeal for the splendidly special. All curated in an unexpected moment

Sequence One: Crash Course

Her breath shortens as she clambers to some shade beside the wreckage. It’s still purring. Fighting the fall. Soon she will need to make a move. But not yet. For now she needs to reconcile. This is her fractured aftermath. But it’s only the beginning

Sequence Two: End Of The Road

Onward. Onward. Onward. Endlessly onward. She sifted and shifted through the salty, vapid dunes. Then, like an apparition, a road appears. A dusty, gravel track. Her nomad rears, and she tugs at the reigns. She breathes out then looks below. Her shadow is getting shorter

Sequence Three: Lost In The Mirage

Sweeping her legs from under her, a mythical tide rises. She’s pulled down further and further. Suddenly, with a snap, she’s released. She ricochets, weightless to the surface, gasping for air. She settles to the top, floating. steady, silent. The water grows calm and dissipates. A familiar, arid air swarms her once again

Sequence Four: The Sands Of Time

We are strong. We are still here. Thin streams of sand start to escape between her fingers. Then a cascade slips out beside her thumb. She opens her palm and surrenders, watching the remaining pieces flee like released insects. Perhaps right now, even if only for a moment, time is on their side

Time After Time

George Floyd’s death reignited a racial reckoning that shows no signs of slowing down. As his murder trial begins, GRAZIA meets Charmaine King, a woman's whose story is incredible similar to Floyd's. This is her story

Work of Art: The Fendi Baguette

As immortalised in that iconic phrase by Carrie Bradshaw, this isn't just a bag