“Every woman blossoms into herself at some point,” model Luma Grothe tells GRAZIA via a Zoom call from her native Brazil. The 27-year-old spent time in Paris shooting a campaign for Paco Rabanne’s latest olfactory offering: Olympéa Blossom, a convergence of delicate rose petals, sparkling blackcurrant and frosted pear.

Dancing about ever so joyfully and freely on a Parisian rooftop – and in a blush pink sequinned Paco Rabanne dress reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn in 60s film Two For The Road – Grothe is in her element as the morning sunlight catches her angelic face.

“Sometimes I wonder if Paco Rabanne wrote this storyline for me,” she muses, her magnetic energy and warmth almost palpable through the screen. “I was really blossoming in this moment. Or maybe it was just a coincidence.”

Of course, in a year that has sent anxieties and identities reeling, the notion of oneself ‘coming into bloom’ is a complicated one. How do women transform into their full selves while playing warden in this wayward world? How do we feel confident irrespective of our insecurities? How we do find our voices?

“I would say, ‘Darling, you are made of the same particles and cells that are in the universe,” says Grothe with a knowing smile. “Literally, there is dust from a star that has exploded in your body right now. If they are the same particles then that means you have a universe inside of you – and you are everything you need. And I think you are amazing for that.”

As Grothe reminds us in the campaign, to blossom isn’t a once in a lifetime transformation. With this in mind, we speak to the model on how she connects to her inner self, her beauty and self-care routine, and how she’s constantly evolving in a period where time seems at a stand-still.

GRAZIA: The messaging behind the Paco Rabanne Olympéa Blossom fragrance seems to really fit what you’re all about; a confident, radiant, empowered woman. In all of the ebbs and flows of life – particularly right now – how do you maintain an air of confidence within yourself?
LUMA GROTHE: It had a lot to do with spirituality in a way because I was looking for my higher self, I was looking inwards to try and find who I really was. Then I realised that your higher self is when you love yourself so deeply and so fully and you accept yourself unconditionally, that you make room for others to meet you. And that’s when you’re at your higher self. So that’s how I maintain my confidence.

GRAZIA: What kind of feelings are conjured up when you wear this scent?
GROTHE: I think it reminds me of all the moments I have had when I’ve been at my strongest; making good decisions for my life. Like when I decided to pursue acting or when I decided to start a business. It reminds me of the adrenaline you feel in those moments, like now or never.

GRAZIA: How would you describe this scent – and where do you wear it?
GROTHE: I would wear it all the time, even to go to bed. I’m the kind of person who always wears things for my own pleasure. I mean, I’m wearing it right now and we are just speaking over Zoom, you can’t smell me. I would wear it for any kind of occasion like a work event or a date night.

Photography: Fiona Torre

GRAZIA: When you line up your Paco Rabanne fragrances on your vanity at home, how do you select a fragrance for an occasion? What’s important to you?
GROTHE: Ok, so with all the range of Olympéas that I have, if I’m somewhere tropical I would go for Olympéa Acqua or the original Olympéa. If it’s winter or a date night I would go for Olympéa Legend. Or for work events or when I have to remind myself that I am everything I need, then Olympéa Blossom.

GRAZIA: The fragrance leaves a musky trail, what lasting impression do you hope you leave when you meet new people?
GROTHE: I would hope that new people remember me as the girl who’s not afraid of letting her light shine.

GRAZIA: From Australia to the UK and beyond, you are one of GRAZIA’s forever beauty muses. But who is your beauty muse?
GROTHE: My beauty muse is Jane Fonda and it has been since I first saw Barefoot In The Park when I was little and she says, ‘Why wouldn’t you run barefoot in the park with me? Why?’ That scene just resonated with me so much. I think she’s daring, she knows her rights and she’s taught other women to fight for their rights as well. Jane taught me that it takes a long time to become young which is something that I have really taken on board as it gives me something to really look forward to and breaks the taboo of growing older. I just see her as so confident. She just makes me really look forward to growing older and becoming more and more like myself.

GRAZIA: Your skin always looks so radiant and dewy, what does your morning and nighttime routine look like?
GROTHE: My skin may always look like it is radiant and dewy but normally I do have a beauty team with me. The important thing is understanding what your skin needs at different times of the month. A woman’s skin changes with her hormones. For me, it can get really oily at times and therefore I have use serums in lieu of moisturisers. It’s about understanding what you need.

GRAZIA: You (usually) travel so much for a living. What three products live inside your carry-on?
GROTHE: A SPF 70 sunscreen for my face, an eight-hour lip cream and thermal water spray. I use the latter on the plane or after a day on the beach. It’s always really good to keep fresh.

GRAZIA: You are constantly surrounded by the best in the beauty world; makeup artists, hair stylists. What is the best beauty tip you’ve picked up across the years?
GROTHE: I think the best is so simple, it’s almost ridiculous: Preparing your skin before applying makeup. Really massage the skin with the best cream that works for you. Hydrating your skin will make your makeup last longer.

GRAZIA: Which is your all-time favourite beauty treatment?
GROTHE: I recently tried a chemical peel and I loved it. I thought it was really good to rejuvenate and my skin felt tighter afterwards. But you have to really take care of it. You can’t go in the sun after using this treatment, and you have to use a lot of sunscreen. But I loved it, I thought it was great.

GRAZIA: What does your daily go-to makeup look consist of?
GROTHE: I’m very basic. Normally I just use a little bit of L’Oreal Infallible Foundation under my eyes and wherever it’s needed. And then I apply a tint – or a liquid blush – on my lips, on my cheeks and on the top of my nose. Just so it feels that I’ve been in the sun and have a healthy glow from the beach. I add a little bit of mascara and that’s it.

Photography: Fiona Torre

GRAZIA: What is your favourite shampoo and conditioner duo?
GROTHE: My favourite is the L’Oreal Elvive Dream Length range, my hair has really grown a lot!

GRAZIA: What is your approach to wellness?
GROTHE: To me, wellness begins on the inside. You have to check in with your mental health and monitor if there are things blocking you and your energy. I really believe in chakras and energies and vibrations. So, you always have to check how you’re doing and where these things are coming from. After that, you need to maintain your machine – your body – and for that I do acupuncture, Pilates, yoga and a spa day.

GRAZIA: You have said in the past, “When you’re connected with yourself first and the universe and love is meant to be, it’s going to be everywhere and it’s going to be so clear”. Has this always been your philosophy on love? Or has it taken you some time to come to this realisation?
GROTHE: I just discovered this yesterday. No, I’m kidding. [Laughs.] But it took me a long time to understand that. I really believe that when you are connected and present in the moment, you see that love and magic is everywhere – and I’m not just talking about your soulmate. You know, the universe has a funny way of showing you what you need, if you understand it. You just need to be connected and understand that life has vibrations. I believe that.

GRAZIA: How do you stay connected to yourself?
GROTHE: It’s looking inwards and understanding who you are. It’s not labelling or defining yourself or putting yourself in a box – nothing like that. It’s just finding out what makes you ‘you’, and that’s how you really stay connected. When I say that there is a universe inside of you, it’s true. That’s the facts. Everything you need is inside of you. There is a phrase that says, ‘You only know someone as deeply as you know yourself’. I think that means not being afraid of getting these layers out. We are like onions, so getting these layers out and going deep and knowing who you truly are is how you stay connected.

GRAZIA: What makes you feel at your most confident?
GROTHE: I think it’s just understanding who I am. It’s knowing that I am enough and that I don’t need to make any apologies for who I am.