Image credit: Instagram/victoriabeckham

Victoria Beckham’s beauty routine is one that’s been coveted since her days as a Spice Girl. Remember when she released a collaboration with Estee Lauder? It sold out twice. She once told Into The Gloss she used Weleda Skin Food and Google searches for the product doubled. So it was no surprise when she launched her eponymous skincare brand last year (following the previously-launched makeup) it went gangbusters.

A few weeks ago, Victoria Beckham Beauty launched onto Net-A-Porter, marking the brand’s move from direct to consumer to the luxury e-comm retailer. To accompany the launch, she also shared an interview with the brand’s beauty director Newby Hands, sharing the morning and evening habits when it comes to skin, makeup and wellness. Her own brand featured heavily (for obvious reasons) but among the pearls of wisdom there was one genius tip for de-puffing ones face of a morning: iced water.

“I use a tip from aesthetician Melanie Grant, who has always given me great advice. I asked her what to do if you wake up with a puffy face, and she told me she dunks her face in a bowl of iced water. If I have time, I do the little 111Skin Celestial Black Diamond Eye Mask to depuff, or I love the Sarah Chapman Skinesis 3D Moisture Infusion Mask… I also have one of those face rollers, so, if I’m feeling puffy, I use that – but normally, by the time I’ve had the cider vinegar, my hot water and a coffee, it’s all a lot better.”

The tip actually comes from local facialist and skin-savior Melanie Grant, who started in Sydney and Melbourne but has since expanded her offerings to Los Angeles and a residency in Paris. Beckham also lists de-puffing masks from 111Skin and Sarah Chapman, a facial roller and a tiny fridge for chilled masking. The premise with ice plunging according to Grant is that “the cold water works to stimulate lymphatic circulation and blood flow, to flush the face. It also constricts capillaries and pores, leaving skin refined and awake.” It also takes two minutes and can remedy a late night/too much screen time/salty food or a vino too many.

Essentially, if it’s good enough for Viccy B (and Melanie Grant, it’s good enough for us).

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