Melanie Grant is arguably one of the world’s greatest authorities when it comes to skincare, so when she talks, you’d be wise to listen. And listen we did when just just recently took to her Instagram stories to answer a lot of skincare-related questions that had infiltrated her DMs. She touched on several topics – some of which you can still catch on her profile – but we cherry-picked a few pearls of skin wisdom courtesy of Grant and have curated them below for your benefit. If you haven’t already had a treatment with Grant in either her Sydney, Los Angeles, or Paris clinic, do so now. But in the interim, these tips are the next best thing.

Credit: Instagram/georgiafowler

The number one product Grant can’t live without?

Bioderma Sensibio Micellar Water for gentle cleansing and makeup removal.

The best lightweight gel moisturiser?

Gel ADN Silkgen by Biologique Recherche.

The best under eye product for treating fine lines?

Cosmedix Elite Eye Doctor Serum is amazing because it contains retinol.

The best retinol for those in their 20s?

Cosmedix Serum 16.

The best way to work at removing or reducing the look of pigmentation?

Grant stresses this is difficult one to treat and to proceed with caution under the advice of a professional, but a depigmentation peel like Cosmalan or Dermamalan is her expert recommendation.

Tips for oily skin?

Don’t be afraid of hydration. Use a water-based moisturiser daily.

The best product for treating acne?

iS Clinical Active Serum.

What skincare brands would you recommend for those on a budget?

French pharmacy brands  are great value for money. Try Avene, Bioderma, and Embryolisse – its Lait Creme Concentre is a particularly great moisturiser.

Best tips for dealing with sensitive skin?

Avoid alcohol and fragrance in skincare, and reduce actives like acids and retinoids. Also, use a face oil at night.

What do you advise for those who suffer from rosacea?

IPL and light therapy are useful as far as treatments go, but also try to avoid dietary triggers like alcohol and dairy.

How do you treat keratosis pilaris on the back of arms?

Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 Corps is really effective.

Supplements you can’t live without?

Sun Potion Yin Powder, fish oil, Lypo-Spheric vitamin C and B, and Bioceuticals B12 liquid spray.

What’s the most useless treatment you’ve tried?

Fat freezing.

Can you actually get rid of stretch marks?

No oil or treatment can actually penetrate deep enough to ‘treat’ or totally eradicate white stretch marks, unfortunately.