Welcome to Take Note – a weekly rolodex of all the best in skin, wellness, and makeup from industry insiders. Each week, we’ll profile one woman who’s privvy to beauty, covering everything from recommendations to routines. To start, we’ve tapped the brain of Net-A-Porter’s Global Beauty Director Newby Hands. Arguably one of the most qualified experts in the game, Newby is responsible for everything beauty-related for the luxury e-commerce giant, from testing new launches, to curating the ever-growing online offering. Here, she discuses her expertly-crafted routine, the virtues of face masking, and her infatuation with Margot Robbie.

Net-A-Porter’s Global Beauty Director Newby Hands.


GRAZIA: What does your morning skincare routine look like? 

Newby Hands: My morning skincare routine is simple. I love using Dr. Sebagh Foaming Face Wash, Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair serum, Tata Harper’s Hydrating Mask, Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Hyaluronic Serum, and Creme de La Mer in the winter or their Soft Cream in the summer. Plus, added serums, masks, sheet masks, peel pads, face rollers or whatever “newness” I am trying out at the moment. For body, I always apply Legology Air-Lite – it’s just amazing!

GRAZIA: And evening?

Newby: I prefer to do just one proper cleanse. My skin is quite dry in general, so I love a good balm. I’m using Omorovicza’s Cashmere Cleanser. It takes everything off but leaves my skin feeling so soft. Also, I am a late convert to eye creams, but the Dr Sebagh Supreme Eye Serum has a chilly roller ball applicator that’s just brilliant.

I also love using sheet masks in the evening. Those from 111Skin and Joanna Vargas are some of my favourites as they both offer such a wide choice, from firming to hydrating. I always use a body cream at night, and the last thing I’ll do is mist This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray – it really seems to help.

GRAZIA: If you were heading to a deserted island, what three products would make the cut?

Newby: I would take La Mer The Concentrate as it’s super hydrating plus it seems to heal up sun burn, and soothes stings or bites. I would also take a great sun product from Institut Estiderm or Sisley. Finally a great natural oil to use on hair, body and face – I love the Uma Oils so hopefully a vat of their Absolute Body Oil.

GRAZIA: Favourite SPF formula?

Newby: Sarah Chapman’s Skinesis Skin Insurance SPF30. It has a tint which makes it so easy to wear, plus it has protective skin care to it is a great all round product.

GRAZIA: Best professional treatment out there?

Newby: I love going to Sarah Chapman, or someone from her team, at Skinesis Clinic and Yvonne Martin at the Yvonne Martin clinic (they specialise in peels and the most amazing face massages).

GRAZIA: Skincare cheap thrill?

Newby: I love the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Mask. Because it is a dry mask I put it on over my make-up before going out. I even wear it in the car and then remove when parking up. It looks a little odd but it makes skin look incredible and gives make-up a beautiful glow

GRAZIA: And splurge?

Newby: Devices. I am obsessed and I have quite a collection now. I love the LED masks from Dr Dennis Gross (the blue light is amazing on any looming blemish). I use Joanna Czech’s Facial Massager over a cream face mask or whenever I can, and the micro current ZIIP and NuFace gadgets are my latest addiction – use them regularly and they really do sculpt and firm up the face.

GRAZIA: What’s your go-to method for treating a pimple, fast?

Newby: I have always tried to be pretty consistent with cleaning and caring for my skin which I think is important, along with a healthy diet. However, last year at the NET-A-PORTER beauty presentation in London, I caught up with two of the best in the industry – Daniel Martin and Sarah Chapman – who offered expert advice on the best way to combat a spot. First cleanse your face to remove all the bacteria, then use a warm compress (just warm water with a little bit of witch hazel or tea tree for their anti-bacterial properties). Press it onto the spot, then be very careful with extractions (it is important to make sure it’s done the right way with clean hands). Then don’t touch it anymore – a spot sticker always helps!


GRAZIA: Who is your makeup muse?

Newby: I always love the makeup on the Tom Ford catwalk. That, and anything Margot Robbie does on the red carpet.

GRAZIA: What’s your go-to makeup look?

Newby: I always do a very natural look, but about twice a year I wear a red lip and that’s it. I love a Nars or Tom Ford bronzer, and any super sheer base.

GRAZIA: Holy grail foundation?

Newby: I love Hourglass’ Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation for more coverage and the Westman Atelier Foundation Stick for a really beautiful natural look. Also the new balm foundations from Code8 give skin such a luxe, balmy glow. But whichever I use I do find that using a Kabuki brush to lightly buff all over the face gives any makeup that the natural finish – so it looks like perfect skin as opposed to perfect makeup.

GRAZIA: And most used lip colour?

Newby: My ultimate make up mission is to find the perfect nude lipstick. Some of my favourite brands are Charlotte Tilbury’s Penelope Pink, Gucci’s Hold Your Man and Christian Louboutin Delicanodo.

GRAZIA: Best ever mascara?

Newby: I love the Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Mascara Volume II – it’s amazing!

GRAZIA: How do you shape and fill your brows?

Newby: I usually go to Jenna Treat at Josh Wood’s hair salon or Blink Brow Bar for shaping and tinting. Right now, I love using the Amy Jean Brows’ products – I believe that she really thought through how to make doing brows easy for real women.

GRAZIA: Signature fragrance?

Newby: I wear Tom Ford Soleil Blanc for both summer and winter time.

GRAZIA: What does your vacation makeup kit look like?

Newby: It looks full because I do pack a lot – partly because it’s the one time I have enough time to use many of the products I want to try. Anything that has multi-tasking function is a bonus. I am obsessed with Charlotte Tilbury’s Hollywood Flawless Filter because it just makes skin look incredible. I use it on its own, under base, mixed into base or over base.


GRAZIA: Favourite shampoo and conditioner duo?

Newby: For my hair I use Bamford, a very organic and natural English brand, as well as Sisley hair care – it’s very luxurious and super effective.

GRAZIA: Can’t live without styling product?

Newby: Philip Kingsley Volumizing Body Builder for fine hair. It was a revelation for me, as it has stopped my hair from looking flat.

GRAZIA: Hair tool you can’t live without?

Newby: I love the Balmain Paris Hair Couture Straightener! It is very easy to carry, which makes it perfect for travelling.


GRAZIA: In a sentence, what’s your approach to wellness?

Newby: Spend time in nature, whether by water, the beach or amongst trees – nothing is more soothing or helps you put everything in perspective.

GRAZIA: What are some common meals in your food repertoire? 

Newby: I am a real creature of habit when it comes to food. One rule I live by is to eat as much organic food as possible, and I never eat fast food or processed food. But I don’t believe in cutting out food groups unless you have been tested to show you have an issue with the food type. I love eggs and sourdough toast in the morning with English Breakfast tea and milk. Lunch is usually a salad or soup and dinner is my main meal: pasta, chicken, vegetables, steak, whatever we cook fresh. And on the weekend, always a little red wine. I do rate the 5:2 diet for my body personally, but I don’t always do it.

GRAZIA: Are there any supplements you take regularly?

Newby: Vitamin D3 and Omega Oils (from Sarah Chapman), and at night magnesium to help me sleep. I take short courses of probiotics and I don’t believe in taking anything except vitamin D every day.

GRAZIA: What tricks do you put in place to ensure you get a good night’s sleep?

Newby: Aromatherapy Associates Deep Relax Bath and Shower Oil. If you can’t sleep, this is the best you can get. It’s the one range of essential oils that I find works exceptionally well. Plus a sleep spray and always the Slip silk eye mask.


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