Image Courtesy of Shelton Boyd-Griffith/GRAZIA
Image Courtesy of Shelton Boyd-Griffith/GRAZIA

On Wednesdays, we introduce new pink colorways — or whatever Telfar Clemens said. Today on The Wendy Williams Show, the designer introduced a new fuchsia colorway named Azalea, and to be honest, we are freaking out. With every colorway drop we drool at the way each color takes on a new essence. Follow us here: the black colorway gives us “business executive but make it fashion,” the SSENSE orange makes for the ultimate pop of color to any minimalistic outfit, the bubble gum pink color is for the ultimate femme party girl, and now the Azalea color screams in your face: rave queen. There is literally a bag for everyone (hence the brand’s tagline: “Not For You – For Everyone”). We all know by now that the Telfar shopping tote is the “It” bag and it seems that isn’t changing anytime soon.

Wendy Williams made headlines last year when she wore a sleeveless ribbed turtleneck by Telfar on the broadcast,so we know she’s a fan like the rest of us. It’s also widely known that Wendy loves the color pink so it speaks volumes that he chose to debut this exciting new colorway on her show, a show that a vast majority of his fan base watches, memes, and dishes about across social media daily. Talk about knowing your audience.

Telfar, the “Black-owned, non-gendered fashion project,” established in 2004 in New York, has been putting on experiential shows since designer, Telfar Clemens, launched the brand at 20. Since then, Clemens has proven himself to be someone who can straddle art, fashion, and business with grace and apparent ease. He introduced his now iconic shopping bags in 2014 but they have recently taken off as a fashion symbol. In New York, they are called the ‘Bushwick Birkin.’ Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez wore her burgundy medium size tote to the Capitol over the summer. Last year, Oprah named the bag as one of her favorite things on Amazon.

The beauty and appeal of the Telfar shopping bag is that it truly is for everyone. Need a work bag to put your laptop in? Then the large shopping bag is for you. Want a compact bag to put your Fenty Stunna lip paint, your cardholder, and keys for a night out on the town? The small size is for you. It’s a versatile bag that’s not only stylish in its simplistic but dynamic design, it’s sustainable being made from vegan faux leather but most importantly, it’s an affordable luxury “It” bag. Everyone can buy into and have a piece of the world Telfar and his atelier are building. Now these bags go fast, so may the odds ever be in your favor.

Azalea, the new Telfar color, drops tomorrow 4/29 at 10AM EST exclusively on