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While watching Euphoria, there are plenty of moments that are cringe-worthy, including how Cassie, played by Sydney Sweeney, becomes obsessed with her bestie Maddy’s ex-boyfriend Nate (played by Jacob Elordi).

“I don’t agree with all of Cassie’s decisions, but I remember being a teenage girl and letting my heart speak louder than my mind, so I would probably make some of the same decisions that she did,” the actress explained of Cassie’s wild ways.

The blonde beauty started making waves in Hollywood when she starred in Euphoria, but when she appeared on The White Lotus, her career skyrocketed.

The White Lotus has been a completely different kind of turning point. I don’t think as many people took me seriously in Euphoria because I took my shirt off. With The White Lotus, all of a sudden, all these people came out of the woodwork like, ‘You’re the most amazing…’ and I’m like, ‘But I went through the craziest emotional roller coaster in Euphoria.‘ So, thanks?” she said.

Sydney Sweeney
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Ultimately, Sweeney has proven herself as a force to be reckoned with — especially since she has her own production company, Fifty-Fifty Films.

“I’m obsessed with branding and marketing. I love the idea of being like, ‘OK, I love this project, now how can I make this consumable to a mass market?’ So I called my agents and was like, ‘Do you think this is something I can achieve?’ They’ve always believed in everything I put my mind to, so they supported me and sent me books to consider,” she recalled. “Of course, I fell in love with yours, and you know the rest of that. But I don’t think they thought I’d become so engrossed in it.”

But Sweeney has learned that success might not happen overnight.

“One, how many steps it takes to get something made. There are so many hurdles and passageways and people. Two, as much as people in the industry say they support young female voices, I’m still having to fight, even among older women,” she stated. “I was told that I couldn’t get a credit I believed I deserved, and I couldn’t get my company’s name on a project I was developing. I have my theories why. Maybe they feel like we’re getting it too easy. I was told I have to do multiple things before I can get a credit like that, as if I didn’t deserve it. And that came from women. I found that very surprising. Everyone puts on the charade that we’re supporting each other, but I have not felt that fully yet.”

Sydney Sweeney
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Fortunately, she persevered, and we can’t wait to see what she does next!