Shay Mitchell Hair
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Shay Mitchell is starting off the year right — by debuting a new look! The actress took to TikTok to ask her fans, “Long or short?”

In the video, the brunette beauty, 34, first appears pulling on her long locks, wearing a white shirt and barely wearing any makeup. Then, a few seconds later, she shows the big reveal: she has bangs, a new wavy bob and is glowing.

The Pretty Little Liars alum is never shy about changing up her makeup and hair routines, but she shared the secret to always looking her best.


Long or short?

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“Honestly, it’s about air-drying as much as possible. I really wish I could give you a product, but any time I’m not working, I don’t touch my hair,” she admitted to Byrdie. “I brush it once when I get out of the shower, and that’s the last time it gets brushed until I get back in my shower or somebody else does it. I don’t touch my hair ever. I don’t put anything in it — maybe it’s a little coconut oil here and there, but I really try to leave it alone. I’ve had for seven years someone using hot tools in my hair every single morning, but I think the best thing you can do is just leave it alone. Let it air-dry, put a little bit of coconut oil on the ends, and you’re good to go.”

Mitchell always loves experimenting with products, as she is constantly getting ready for galas or red carpets.

Shay Mitchell Hair
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“I do my makeup when I don’t have the luxury of having somebody else do it, but to be honest, the glam process for me is the most fun part, so if I’m getting ready for an event, there are two, sometimes three hours of getting with the whole glam team and it’s so much fun,” she shared. “We’re eating, we’re listening to music, we’re dancing around — it’s not just straight work; it’s really fun and we talk about the look and what we want to do with the makeup and the hair, so it’s a whole collaborative process.”

What’s even better is that the Hollywood star gets to learn from the best, as her glam squad is always teaching her new tips and tricks.

“On the days where I can’t have glam (unfortunately), I do my own makeup, and it’s also really relaxing, in a way,” she said. “I put on a playlist, I’m in my bathroom, I get it all set up, and I think, over time, because of the different makeup artists that I’ve worked with, it’s helped me with my own application of makeup.”