Photograph by Craig Blankenhorn/HBO Max

Stopping by Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live, actress Sarah Jessica Parker spilled the AJLTea on the first season of the Sex and the City reboot, And Just Like That. She addressed fans’ claims that Carrie didn’t call 911 to save Big quickly enough and Samantha’s (Kim Cattrall) notable absence from the series. “Samantha is not gone,” Parker said. “The actress that played the role is no longer playing that role, but people aren’t absent from your life when you don’t want them to be.”

When a fan called in to ask what her favorite recycled look has been on the HBO Max hit series, Parker’s answer might surprise you.


With the show showered in fashion Easter eggs, courtesy of costume designer Molly Rogers, Carrie Bradshaw’s iconic Fendi baguette, her Timmy Woods Eiffel Tower clutch, the Single and Fabulous? poncho, and tutu skirts, Parker’s answer was the Heidi dirndl dress.

“The Heidi dress, I always love seeing for sentimental reasons and because it was sort of a bone of contention initially,” referring to when she first wore it on Sex and the City.

Photograph by Craig Blankenhorn/HBO Max

Requesting the help of WWHL‘s guest bartender, Carrie Dragshaw’s, opinion on the matter, she asks, “Is it too expected to say the Versace Mille Feuille?”

Parker went on to explain the lengths of which they went to get the Versace Couture Mille Feuille tiered gown, explaining that they almost weren’t able to get it for And Just Like That.

“That’s a really good one too because it was sort a miracle that it arrived,” said Parker. “It wasn’t going to arrive, and then it was somewhere else, and then it was stuck, and they couldn’t get it out, and it was August, and everyone closes down in August, and then we weren’t going to have it. I mean, there was just such suspense around that dress. I was like, ‘I’ll never get back in it. How am I going to slithering back into that thing again?’”

Photograph by Craig Blankenhorn/HBO Max

Gushing about the wonderful costume department on the series, Parker took a moment to (rightfully) sing the praises of department head Molly Rogers.

“It’s nice to see that whole department function. It’s an organism that’s so special, and so talented, and Molly Rogers — watching [the And Just Like That] documentary I was like, ‘Wow, a superstar emerged.’ We all knew it, but Molly Rogers is like — and I’ve always known it because I’ve worked with her for 150 stinkin’ years — and loved her.”