Kylie Swim
Photo posted by @kyliejenner from the Kylie Swim lookbook

When Kylie Swim was initially announced on September 17, there was a lot of talk on the internet about how excited fans were to try on Kylie Jenner’s official brand of swimwear. Well, as the first customer reviews come pouring in and people try on their suits, it looks like some are extremely dissatisfied with their purchase. Mostly, people are commenting on the comparison of quality versus the price point.

The peak-a-boo, cutout one pieces that were initially very popular among fans has a retail price of $80, which isn’t super expensive but still isn’t cheap by any means. Additionally, a two-piece bathing suit (with each component sold separately) can run you anywhere for $80-$90.

Now that we have a price point in mind, there’s a certain level of quality to be expected, right? Well, those who bought the suits are reporting, mainly on TikTok, that the quality is nowhere near what they were expecting. Watch for yourself below.

Customers point out the details of the swimsuits — the seams are messy, the fabric is thin and cheap, and the tailoring is just bad. Others commented that if you’re gonna wear something like this, that you’ll need “nip nip covers,” referring to the transparency of the fabric used.

One wrote that while the bikini she bought was “super cute,” it was only good for aesthetics. She would only wear it for Instagram selfies, but not swimming for fear of accidentally exposing herself while at the beach.


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This comes after fans of Kylie Cosmetics were extremely disappointed in the 24K Gold Birthday Collection that was released in August, commemorating her birthday. While the quality of the cosmetics weren’t directly the problem, people mocked the “unoriginality” of the packaging and price point not being equal to the overall aesthetic.

“For how much you are worth, your products should be so much better quality. suits and skincare alike, you’re j****ng people out of their hard earned money it isn’t cool,” a commenter wrote to Jenner directly.