Credit: Dia Dipasupil / Getty Images

Once again, Kim Kardashian has made an appearance at a promotional event for Kanye West’s Donda. The first time we saw Kardashian at one of these events, she brought along their children to the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia and seemingly matched her outfit to ex-husband West. Now, for the second streaming event, it looks like Kardashian has matched outfits with him again, leading people to wonder what is going on with the divorced couple.

The second streaming event for Donda, held in the same venue as the previous, featured Kardashian in what looked like an all black jumpsuit, belted and styled with a slicked-back ponytail and sunglasses, à la Neo from the Matrix franchise. West has been noted to have been posting cryptic photos of himself living inside  the Mercedes-Benz Stadium, dressed in full body latex Balenciaga body suits, which, while artful, are also quite disconcerting to the eye.

Once again, West preformed his track “Love Unconditionally” where he seemingly begs Kardashian to take him back. I mean, we’ve all had our moments but in a stadium filled with people? If there’s one thing you can’t deny, it’s that West is not afraid to be bold with his… creative choices.

West reportedly also featured a new song, the title of which is unknown, but contains the line “Time and space is a luxury but you came here to show that you’re still in love with me.”

We do not have any confirmation that Kardashian, is in fact, still in love with West.

While Kardashian was sporting a skin-tight look, akin to what she wore last time, West wore what looked like an all black military-esque vest with the word “Donda” written in white on both sides, the name of his mother who died of heart disease and post-operative complication in 2007. True to an ongoing motif, West was also seen covering his face with a black mesh ski mask.

West finished off the night, still talking about their marriage but taking a more allegorical take on the situation, calling their relationship “best collab since Taco Bell and KFC,” I don’t know about you, but I’d be swooning.