We guess there was a meeting in the Kardashian-Jenner circle recently as three sisters have now posed nude or almost-nude in campaign shots. We had Kylie in her 24K Gold campaign, Kendall in her ad for French designer Jacquemus, now, we have Kim Kardashian baring it all for her KKW Fragrance ‘Essential Nudes’ collection. Kim posted the images yesterday on Instagram for her 247 million followers.

She shared a series of three shots to promote the collection, all with varying styles and aesthetics. The first showed her in a nude, slightly damp scoop neckline dress with long, dark hair. In the second, she goes a little more bold, lying down with a nude bra and panty set, the bra seemingly untied, and the third shot has her in a rosey-nude chemise with a lace-detailed neckline.

The bottles for the fragrance, from what we can see, match the aesthetic of the pictures — a glossy nude bottle, resembling Kardashian’s wet skin. The bottle is stoutly shaped, and for each fragrance, it varies from a rosey color to something more olive-toned, really driving home the “essential nudes” name.

“Introducing @kkwfragrance Essential Nudes. I wanted to create a collection that was so me. I love everything about this collection, from the sleek nude bottles to each unique scent,” Kardashian wrote on her Instagram post. “All four fragrances are lush and feminine, but very special and different from each other. I’m so excited for everyone to experience these new fragrances!”

Each of the four scents has a unique name and notes attached to it. You can choose from “Nude Sand,” a blend of baie rose and ambrette, “Nude Silk,” a balance of balmy florals and peach nectar, “Nude Soleil,” a blend of vetiver and honeysuckle, or “Nude Suede,” an “essence” of white amber and rich patchouli with wisps of grapefruit.

The collection is set to launch September 2 at 12PM PST on the KKW Fragrance website, priced at $40 per bottle.