On Monday, makeup mogul and entertainment personality Kylie Jenner took to Instagram to share a stunning new photograph with her 254 million followers.

The 23-year-old revealed that she will be ringing in her 24th birthday in an opulent fashion, releasing a new line of Kylie Cosmetics to coordinate with her birthday. Her birthday is on August 10th and in true Leo fashion, she’s turning all eyes on her.

The photo, which shows Jenner topless, plated in gold paint and wearing a shiny gold bikini bottom, reveals the theme of this new collection quite literally, a 24k gold collection that shines and sparkles with a radiance.

But this isn’t the first time Jenner has flaunted her wealth and extravagance in a makeup line. Fans of the Kylie Cosmetics brand may remember the billionaire collection, which was decorated with images of money, and this just seems like the next logical step for someone swimming in riches.

But another very exciting announcement came with the 24k collection, that Kylie Cosmetics will be joining the retail brand Ulta.

“My new clean and vegan @kyliecosmetics products are officially available at @ultabeauty stores across the country and online at Ulta.com today!’ Jenner said in an Instagram post.

It seems as though Jenner is really pushing the whole “new clean and vegan” brand as a part of her makeup revamp. Kylie Cosmetics didn’t go completely vegan until this year, lagging far behind many other big makeup companies. This came after global beauty company Coty acquired a 51 percent share of Jenner’s makeup empire, and with Coty dedicating itself to “ending animal testing across the beauty industry,” this push for a rebrand is no surprise.

Nevertheless, it is important to be seeing Kylie Cosmetics making these ethical changes to a beloved and successful company, and with it, comes creative innovations like the 24k collection, which will be launching on August 10, so get your credit cards ready!