Kendall Jenner FWRD

Kendall Jenner just added a fancy new title to her resume: creative director of online luxury fashion destination, FWRD. Considering Jenner comes from a family of moguls, it’s not too surprising that the 25-year-old is taking on more work on top of being a supermodel and entrepreneur. “I grew up loving fashion and have been incredibly fortunate to work with some of the most brilliant people in this business,” she said about the partnership. “As FWRD’s Creative Director, I am excited to help curate the site’s offering with emerging designers and brands.”

Jenner’s new role will be in charge of the look and feel of the site while also curating products sold on the site and creating monthly edits of must-have trends. It seems like FWRD found the perfect match being that Jenner is known for creating trends through her street style looks, see: the sexy cardigan top. “Kendall is the epitome of luxury fashion, and there isn’t a better fit for this position,” says Raissa Gerona, Chief Brand Officer of REVOLVE GROUP (parent company of FWRD.) “As leaders in the industry and innovators in marketing, we are always looking for fresh ideas, staying ahead of the curve, and being at the forefront of style trends. The world looks at Kendall to lead the industry, and we are beyond excited to have her vision for FWRD come to life.”

Kendall Jenner FWRD

Jenner officially gets down to business next week during New York Fashion Week. Although exciting, we can’t help but think, does this mean we won’t see Kenny gracing the runway this season? Runway or not, we’re pretty sure the model is going to make a splash this fashion week regardless. It would be the perfect time for a launch party, no? And we all know Kendall loves a good party.

If Kendall’s success with her tequila brand 818 is any foreshadowing of what is to come for FWRD, buckle up because it will be good. Cheers, Kenny!