Photo Credit: @jlo on Instagram

Wouldn’t it be great to just wake up one morning and be a different person? Yeah, I know, self-love, love the skin you’re in, all of that — but let’s be real, it would be dope to wake up just one day and have Freaky Friday-ed with someone you admire. While we may not be capable of a Face/Off-style swap quite yet, the convenience of the internet makes it so that we can basically do as much as we can to get someone’s skincare or makeup routine at the click of a button. And alas, the person people most often want to swap faces with, Jennifer Lopez, gifted us all with a peek into her morning skincare routine using products from her skincare and makeup line, JLo Beauty.

Taking care to emphasize that she is doing her skincare routine in her real bathroom, un-staged, J.Lo starts by washing her face with That Hit Single™ Cleanser, a gel-cream cleanser. She rinses with lukewarm water, patting dry with a towel that looks so luxurious and fluffy it must be made from the best version of whatever animal makes terry cloth. (I know terry cloth doesn’t come from an animal, but it sure is a funny visual.) “Not only did it take off all the makeup, it gave me that extra clean feeling but in a healthy way,” she explains. She next uses her “secret ingredient” serum, what she describes as “glow in a bottle”  and “vitamins for your face,”:  That JLo Glow™ Serum.

Once her serum has really absorbed into her skin, Lopez says the favorite words of beauty writers and dermatologists around the world: Sunscreen. Using That Big Screen™ SPF 30 Moisturizer, she applies it all over her face, showing a real and true envy-worthy glow. Lopez performed at the inauguration of someone who has also professed their love for sunscreen, so it’s nice to see political policy even comes to play when talking about skincare. She even shares that yes, the video doesn’t have a filter — cool humblebrag, we know you’re stunning!

Emphasizing finally that “beauty comes from the inside out,” Lopez’s morning routine ends with That Inner Love™ Supplements, because “Skincare is an inside job.” Inside, outside, AM, PM – we’re just grateful for a peek behind what gives J.Lo her signature glow. This was just her morning routine… we’re “Waiting for Tonight.” … Yeah, I know. Cheesy.