Credit: Instagram/@jenniferaniston

For many of us, Jennifer Aniston held quite an influence in our formative years. We diligently adopted ‘The Rachel’ hairstyle, bought the same Current/Elliott boyfriend jeans she wore almost exclusively in the 00s, and followed the classy example she set throughout her seismic split from Brad Pitt when confronted with our own relationship breakdowns.

After a difficult, shambolic year, Aniston almost feels like a safe space. If social media is to be believed, many found solace throughout lockdowns, social unrest and political turmoil by streaming old Friends re-runs. While the series undoubtedly has its obvious limitations (the all-white, privileged characters for one), spending time with the gang in the familiar, warm setting of Central Perk felt like opening a portal to a simpler, less uncertain era.

So, is it any wonder that Aniston doling out advice about dealing with the end of 2020 could feel strangely comforting? Because it does. The 51-year-old shared a throwback snap of herself in a bikini and denim mini skirt to her Instagram page, paired with a rather poignant caption.

Credit: Instagram/@jenniferaniston

“What a year,” The Morning Show star wrote alongside the image. “Reminder to give yourself a little love… and hang in there.” It’s refreshingly simple yet timely advice, with countries across the globe continuing to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic and leaving many separated from loved ones for the holiday season. As 2020 draws to a close and many continue to endure great financial, physical, and mental hardships, Aniston’s reminder to go easy on ourselves is entirely welcome.

After Hollywood ground to a halt in 2020, it’s set to be a busy 2021 for Aniston. She’s set to open the year by reuniting with her former Friends castmates for a HBO Max special, which is set to premiere in March. Armed with that excellent news and Aniston’s advice, we’re ready for whatever 2021 might throw at us.