Halle Berry Oscars hair, wig

May 3, 2021: Someone call Mary-Kate and Ashley and get the Trenchcoat Twins on the case because the internet is curious about what’s going on with The Case Of Halle Berry And The Oscars Haircut. The internet collectively went “Huh. That’s a choice,” when the actress walked the red carpet at last week’s awards, debuting a short Louise Brooks-style asymmetrical bob and short bangs. It’s not Berry’s first time sporting a haircut like this, but some people had their fingers crossed that this was a fun little thing for the Oscars (read: a wig) and not a forever deal. As it turns out, these folks had their prayers answered. Or so we think.

Over the weekend, Berry posted a cheeky photo of herself with long brown hair that falls past her shoulders—far from the ear-grazing bob she wore just a week prior. She even added a cheeky caption suggesting that she wore a wig to the Academy Awards, after all: “Oscar bob…just kidding 😂.” It’s nice to hear she has a sense of humor about it and hasn’t stopped chuckling at the internet’s widely varied responses to the transformative cut. 

A week prior, the star’s hairstylist, Sara Seward, posted a photo of hair trimmings scattered all over the floor, which GRAZIA believed to be Berry’s. In pursuit of definitive answers confirming whether or not Berry wore a wig to the 2021 Oscars, we reached out to Seward. Nevertheless, she remained elusive on the topic: “We wanted a fresh, edgy, and fun new look,” the hairstylist said, adding that she was unable to disclose any more details.

Seward and Berry’s elusiveness makes us wonder if the bob might be hidden away, possibly for another purpose? A magazine cover? Maybe for the fourth John Wick movie? Or maybe it was a real haircut, and Berry is messing with our heads? Either way, watch this space. We’ll get to the bottom of this caper…eventually.