Alexander Roth Dior Men's Winter 2022

As Men’s Fashion Week enters into day four, the time has come for one of the most highly anticipated shows on the Paris Fashion Week calendar: Dior Men’s Winter 2022. Peruse, Kim Jones treats us to another spectacular presentation, this time set on the Alexandre-III bridge—well, a replica built indoors considering the low temperature and high winds in Paris.  

To experience the exciting collection, GRAZIA tags along with multi-hyphenated creative Alexander Roth as he gets ready for the show. Roth, who recently launched his collaboration with M Jewelers, not only looks dashingly good in front of the camera (as seen from his street style looks this week), but he does some pretty incredible work from behind the lens. So naturally, we had to share his POV from getting ready in his Parisian suite to the front row of Dior.

Sit tight, the show’s about to start. 

Alexander Roth Dior Men's Winter 2022“Dior Day”Alexander Roth Dior Men's Winter 2022“Time to get ready”Alexander Roth Dior Men's Winter 2022 “….the hair makes a comeback ”

Alexander Roth Dior Men's Winter 2022“For Andre 🕊🤍”Alexander Roth Dior Men's Winter 2022“Arriving at Dior Winter 2022 Men’s”
Alexander Roth Dior Men's Winter 2022 “Dior x Birkenstocks?!”Alexander Roth Dior Men's Winter 2022“Favorite Look”
Alexander Roth Dior Men's Winter 2022“Look who I ran into Deon, Isaac, and Giuseppe!”