AMI L’Accordéon Bag

Fashion has always been synonymous with the arts. The latest example of the crossover comes courtesy of AMI’s newest signature bag for Spring, L’Accordéon.

During the design phase of the bag, the shape of its sides reminded creative director Alexandre Mattiussi of the bellows and movements of an accordion — hence the name L’Accordéon.

The boxy geometric shape and accordion-like details on the sides are more than an element of elegant style — but in fact, they add practicality to the sophisticated bag. With a virtuoso design feature similar to the instrument, the bag can expand to create a spacious silhouette large enough to fit all your essentials while maintaining a sleek appearance.

To further its functionality, the bag comes with a hidden shoulder strap for added versatility, leaving your hands free while out and about. Embodying the casual elegance and skillful artistry of the Parisian maison, the bag is designed with luxurious smooth leather and comes in three colors: black, forest green, and burgundy.

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