Amber Rose, Emily Ratajkowski
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – FEBRUARY 05: (FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY) Amber Rose attends the 65th GRAMMY Awards at Arena on February 05, 2023 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

Amber Rose is many things but predictable? Never. The model and activist has appeared on the latest episode High Low, the podcast of fellow model and activist Emily “Emrata” Ratajkowski and if the snippet shared on Instagram is anything to go by, it will be some truly riveting listening.

For starters, Amber Rose states that not only does she no longer have sex but that she no longer enjoys sex. “I hate sex,” is the actual response from the 39-year-old Rose.

Just a refresher, Amber Rose became infamous for tackling the double standards applied to women when it came to sex and their portrayal in the media. She’s been at the forefront of the sex positivity movement since 2015 when she led the annual Slut Walk in Los Angeles as a statement of support for women who had been slut shamed or demeaned for their sex life.

She also appeared in an incredible bit for Funny Or Die called Walk Of No Shame where she parodied the truly garbage walk of shame term that’s applied to women for living their life.

So it’s a perhaps a shock to hear that Rose, now a mother two, has done something of a 180. Giving a clue to her reasoning, Rose describes her aversion to sex due to it being so “accessible” and that she doesn’t want “a penis attached to a person.”

Of course, people have the prerogative to change and evolve and perhaps she’s simply done dealing with the drama that these interactions can bring. Can’t say we blame her.

But given that this is a 10 second exchange taken from a near-40 minute conversation there’s a good chance both greater context and more nuance are provided on either side of these comments. But as a hook goes, we’ve been 100 per cent reeled in to listen more.

In the episode blurb, Ratajkowski describes the episode as diving into the ways that Amber Rose has “reclaimed the labels ‘slut’ and ‘bitch’ through her event Slut Walk, how she’s raising her sons to respect women, classism, feminism and racism, and what she wants to see happen with men (and women!) when it comes to fighting misogyny.”

Both Ratajkowski and Amber Rose have become famous for the fight for bodily and representational autonomy when it comes to women and their portrayal in the media and in particular how some of these attacks or judgments can come from their fellow women, not just from men.

Listen to the full podcast here.