According to a neurosurgeon, here are the 8 healthy brain foods to eat regularly.
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To keep our brains functioning at their best, what we feed ourselves matters just as much as that killer workout for our bodies. Yes, a healthy diet is essential for a healthy brain. In an exclusive conversation with Eat This, Not That!, neurosurgeon Dr. Brett Osborn shares the secret to maintaining a sharp and sprightly brain. “Just like the body, the brain requires proper nourishment to operate at its peak,” says the expert as reported by Topsanté. He emphasizes, “Fortunately, nature provides us with plenty of healthy brain foods to ensure optimal mental health: many of these work primarily by reducing inflammation, which is a key component in the aging of brain tissues and the onset of neurodegenerative diseases.”

Which are the 8 healthy brain foods to integrate into your regular diet?

To help us navigate the do’s and don’ts of brain health, Dr. Osborn divulges the 8 healthy brain foods he includes in his diet to boost mental acuity. Among them are vegetables like broccoli, lauded for its sulforaphane content—a compound known to aid in brain function. He suggests a broader tip: “Increase your intake of green vegetables. Kale and spinach can notably enhance cognitive functions: blend them into a breakfast smoothie for a brainy start to your day.”

Fruit-wise, Dr. Osborn endorses blueberries for their “anthocyanins: these antioxidants defend the brain from oxidative stress and inflammation. I enjoy blueberries daily, whether in a smoothie or tossed into a salad.”

Fatty fish also makes the cut: “Salmon, mackerel, and sardines are loaded with omega-3s: these healthy fats are celebrated for improving memory, mood regulation, and preventing cognitive decline,” the neurosurgeon notes. He also highlights two spices—turmeric and ginger. “Turmeric includes curcumin, a powerful natural antioxidant. I add 2 grams of turmeric to my morning smoothies, and ginger is a recognized anti-inflammatory that enhances cognitive functions and shields neurons from oxidative stress. Don’t hesitate to use it in your cooking.”

Eating these healthy brain foods not only contributes to a robust and agile mind but also supports overall health. For Grazia Magazine’s modern US audience, staying on-trend means not only sporting the latest styles but maintaining an internal wellness regime that keeps your cognitive runway clear for the long haul. So next time you’re meal prepping or reaching for a snack, remember the power of these brain-boosting superfoods to stay sharp, stylish, and intellectually on point.