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Spring has sprung, and what better way to incorporate this season’s biggest trends than by purchasing wardrobe staples based on your zodiac sign. When you allow your sign to guide you with your wardrobe choices, you may be surprised by the successful outfits you can accomplish.

This season, many fashion trends have emerged, from ready-to-wear ensembles to statement pieces and celebrity-approved accessories. By allowing your zodiac sign to guide you, not only will you find pieces that solely align with your personal aesthetic, but they will equal an astrological match made in heaven.

Ahead, find a unique selection of our favourite Spring/Summer 2021 trends, which align seamlessly with your zodiac sign.


As an Aries, you are naturally confident, bold with your choices and highly ambitious. You never shy away from any competition and pride yourself in handling any current task you have with strength and ultimate energy, making the oversized shoulder pad the trend for you.

Isabel Marant Étoile, Double-breasted oversized blazer, Dhs2,747, SHOP NOW
Aeron, Honey oversized blazer, Dhs6,141, SHOP NOW


Being the earthy and grounded Taurus we know you are, it’s in your nature to naturally reflect an elevated-yet-grounded aesthetic, all while keeping yourself comfortable and laid-back at all times. You don’t even have to worry about putting together an entire outfit; all you need to do is slip yourself into an effortless matching ensemble that’s chic enough to roam the streets but cosy enough to kick back on the couch.

Frankie Shop, Lui oversized shirt, Dhs 730, SHOP NOW
Frankie Shop, Logo-embroidered organic cotton shorts, Dhs 472, SHOP NOW
Sleeper, Feather trim set, Dhs1,240, SHOP NOW


Naturally, as the most versatile sign of them all, you fall under multiple aesthetics, whether its animal print or a monochromatic look; there’s a pattern or design that will fit each of your fabulous personalities without needing to compromise on your style. By mixing in black and white colours, you find the ultimate neutrals to complement each other.

Miu Miu, Crystal-embellished satin dress, Dhs 15,503, SHOP NOW
Alexandre Vauthier, Crystal-embellished patent-leather boots, Dhs5,386, SHOP NOW


Oh, cancers, you highly intuitive, loyal and sympathetic souls. May I introduce you to the ultimate sorbet pastel tones as they are calling your name in every way, shape and form – especially baby blue. The thought of it might not be ideal, but as SS21’s most significant trend, it certainly is about to be. It aligns perfectly with your layered personality, emotions and highly intuitive instinct.

Reina Olga, Exotica cutout swimsuit, Dhs 865, SHOP NOW
Marni, Blue Pannier leather resin handle bucket bag, Dhs 11,147, SHOP NOW


Leo, you are certainly one of the most passionate and fashion-forward personalities in the Zodiac sign. Here we have the ultimate trend that will fit your dazzling personality. Opting for a colour-blocked look is the perfect way to mix in your unique flair to light up any room you walk into.

AREA, Heart cut-detail check blazer, Dhs 8,402, SHOP NOW
Amina Muaddi, Ami pointed-toe pumps, Dhs 3,696, SHOP NOW


Cropped cardigans are having a major moment this season. Not only can you easily pair them with wide-leg jeans, but you can also style them with a pleated tennis skirt for the ultimate tennis-girl vibes.

Dorothee Schumacher, Delightful Match twinset, Dhs 3,436, SHOP NOW
Danielle Guizio, Cropped cotton cardigan, Dhs 815, SHOP NOW


With your extravagant spirit and exquisite taste, infusing yourself with a dose of fun and flirty puff sleeves is an astrological match made in heaven. Your charisma and love for all things fashion will align perfectly with this style. Whether you want to wear it casually for a lunch date or dress it up for an evening out, these sleeves will, without a doubt, become your best friend this season.

Khaite, Katie pleated blouse, Dhs 6,012, SHOP NOW
The Attico, Plunge-neck cropped blouse, Dhs 4,566, SHOP NOW


I know at times you feel misunderstood, but your incredible passion and drive are your hidden gift that not many know of. For this season, owning a bucket hat is the perfect touch of edginess to encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone and opt for a playful look to incorporate into your summer style.

Gucci, Metallic logo-jacquard bucket hat, Dhs 2,050, SHOP NOW
Isabel Marant, Logo-embroidery bucket hat, Dhs 739, SHOP NOW


Being the carefree and explorer zodiac sign we all know you are, opting for a unique print is the perfect way to indulge in this season’s most significant trends. Whether it’s subtle or dramatic print, it can easily reflect your fiery personality.

Dolce & Gabbana, Carretto-print flared midi dress, Dhs 6,745, SHOP NOW
PatBO, Blossom cut-out maxi dress, Dhs 3,824, SHOP NOW


Trousers are this seasons calling, so swap out your skinny jeans for a pair of wide-leg trousers that you can select from an array of playful or neutral tones for an easy, laid-back look, just the way you like it.

Khaite, Teyana wide-leg trousers, Dhs 3,652, SHOP NOW
Kenneth Ize, High-waisted drawstring trousers, Dhs 2,952, SHOP NOW


To my fellow Aquarius’s, I know we like to think outside the box and honesty dress ourselves based on our current mood. But what truly makes our zodiac sign so unique is that we embrace our current state of mind through our wardrobe and try daring and unconventional fashion choices along the way, which is why psychedelic prints were made for us. Add a touch of brightness and unique patterns to your look to simply align with that free spirit of yours.

Marques’Almeida, Spray-print T-shirt, Dhs 1,327, SHOP NOW
Louisa Ballou, Heatwave sheer mini dress, Dhs 1,730, SHOP NOW


Corsets are having a major moment this season, and as the dreamer and helpless romantic you are, you’ll want to incorporate one of these chic finds into your wardrobe. Whether wearing it with a solid pair of denim jeans or a printed skirt, you’ll look like an absolute princess straight from a fairytale in these stylish corsets.

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Dion Lee, Boned corset top, Dhs 1,655, SHOP NOW
Dion Lee, Corset-detail tank top, Dhs 1,321, SHOP NOW