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I’m sorry to break it to you (as I’m still trying to cope with the news myself), but crocs are officially making their biggest comeback yet, and boy, what a time to be alive.

I mean, what fashionista doesn’t want to be seen strutting around the town in these rubber clogs? And at this point, nothing in the fashion industry surprises me. At times, I find myself one with the trends, but others, I find myself entirely against all odds, and this time is one of them.

These rubber shoes were the most unlikely trend in 2018, and now, nearly three years later have become the ‘IT” shoe of 2021, and I’m still trying to understand why. When I first noticed the so-call ‘trend’ fading, I was beyond happy, and now it seems like these shoes have officially come back to haunt me. With the Crocs sale skyrocketing, the company has reached a record-breaking $460 m.i.l.l.i.o.n in sales (so this is where we’re at in life, good to know.) Even our favourite celebrities are trying to make crocs happen, and at this point, nothing is making sense.

When researching this piece, it felt best to ask the fashion experts whether they love or loath them and, behold, one that’s sold and one that’s sceptical.

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“Once upon a time I would have done a Victoria Beckham and made it clear to the world “I’d rather die” than wear crocs, but after recently visiting friends in the country and comfortably slipping my feet in to their crocs to assess their vegetable patch (who am I?), I was strangely unoffended by the monstrosities on my feet. 2020 was the year of comfort and convenience and it appears I’m still stuck there. Although my standards may have slipped, (tracksuits and trainers are still going strong), crocs for fashion are a firm no from me – regardless of the designer that puts them down the runway next. Balenciaga’s yellow platforms still gives me nightmares. Would I wear them to take the bins out? Sure, but that’s as far as they’re going on my feet.” Fashion Editor & Stylist, Gemma Louise Deeks.
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Miss World Egypt 2018, Mony Helal shares how she recently purchased her first pair of Crocs, and the fit was perfect. When opting for a laidback look at home, Mony finds herself placing the back-straps of the Crocs toward the front for a slip-on effect, and when heading out, she slides them to the back of her foot for extra support. Now regarding the physical style of the shoe, it may seem unflattering or tricky to workaround, but Miss Egypt shares that the comfort level is uncomparable.

Crocs have brilliantly carved out a niche for themselves through celebrity endorsements and collaborations, which have, without a doubt, played a significant role in their rising popularity. From Post Malone to Kate Middleton, Nicki Minaj and Justin Bieber x Crocs Classic Clog collection.

In conclusion, have I thought about picking up a pair myself – possibly after seeing JB rocking them, but will I? Most likely not. Even if I wanted to, my sanity wouldn’t allow it, but I do respect the celebrities trying to make it happen.