UAE based firm, Al-Husn Properties, has announced that all tenants of its properties have been granted exemption from rent for three months in an effort to relieve the impact COVID-19 has had on residents and citizens in the country.

With unemployment and pay cuts on the rise, Mustafa Al Husseiny, General Manager of Al Husn-Properties shared, “It is a part of our civic duty to be with the UAE Government’s efforts to support society and reduce its burden during the current situation. The idea behind this initiative is to encourage other property owners to have a humanitarian approach towards tenants in this time of crisis.”

Over 600 tenants of Al-Husn Properties commercial offices, shops, warehouses and residential apartments in Dubai and Sharjah, will benefit from the new exemption and can opt to avail the offer by requesting the building management to postpone the cheque deposit date. Tenants willing to continue without the exemption this year would be entitled to the rental discount during the next renewal of their contracts.

Previously, Sharjah Asset Management had also announced that all tenants of Souq Al Haraj and Souq Al Jubail will benefit from a three month rent exemption alleviating the burdens faced by residents, citizens and business owners in the emirate as a result of the pandemic.

We’re patiently waiting for all rent to be cancelled. Until then, stay safe and download the digital issue of Grazia for free here.

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