Palestinian twins and beauty icons Simi and Haze Khadra know how to command attention with their hypnotic eye makeup looks. The creative sisters have applied makeup in bold and expressive ways for years, gaining notoriety in the beauty community for their experimental approach that led up to the launch of their cosmetics line SIMIHAZE Beauty. From colourful floating eyeliner to glossy eyelids, the twins are at the forefront of definitive Gen Z makeup trends and have created a signature style for themselves that inspires us daily. Ahead, new beauty looks to add to your repertoire, courtesy of Simi and Haze.

paint with your palette

Simi and Haze own their separate styles with this shared makeup look, creating a floating eyeliner and painted eyelid. Whichever way you decide to style it, take a style cue from Simi and Haze and electrify this multicoloured makeup look with white eyeliner.

Create Abstract Eyelids

This alternative approach to eyeshadow is styled with stick-on gems and butterfly shapes from the SIMIHAZE Beauty line, using products like the EYE PLAY Gem Pack. The sisters know that a strong makeup look is mirror selfie magic; elevate your next with a design like this one.

liven your look with Face Stickers

Face stickers are one of the breakaway beauty trends of 2022. Their easy application makes it an accessible look that doesn’t require much practice with a brush or pencil, and it just got easier to achieve with the EYE PLAY Pool Pack by SIMIHAZE Beauty.

reimagine the classic cat-eye

The floating eyeliner above this cat-eye look proves, once again, that more is more. This refreshed take on the classic eye makeup look might’ve been inspired by a manicure, but we can use its likeness to inspire beauty looks of our own.

get a glossy stare

With its translucent appearance and glossy finish, this sheer makeup look gives new meaning to the term ocean eyes. Pair it with a shimmering highlighter, a glossy lip, light mascara, and styled brows to finish the fairytale look off.

take advantage of negative space

The negative space eyeliner trend has taken off this year because of its simple yet effective way of creating a dramatic eye makeup look that defines your eyelid with the gap in its shape. Use your favourite coloured pencil to make the look your own, like the example above.

apply crystals

Activate your inner it-girl by applying crystal eyeliner to your makeup look. Simi and Haze have made this party-ready makeup style easy to achieve with their line of stick-on eye crystals, like the EYE PLAY Gem Pack. Take a page out of their book and wear them to the next music festival you attend.