If you feel like you already binge-watched all the good TV series, or you might have difficulties to decide on which show to watch next, we’ve prepared an impressive guide of all the new releases this January. Get your popcorn ready because these shows are serving a lot of drama, adventure, horror, thriller and comedy. Keep on reading and you won’t be disappointed with the upcoming new series.

the last of us

The groundbreaking video game has been transformed to TV screens and all credits are due to Emmy-winning creator Craig Mazin and writer Neil Druckmann. Padro Pascal is the centre of the stage in an enthusiastic post-apocalyptic TV drama, where he portrays a character named Joel, who is an intrepid smuggler with a given adventurous mission to escort a young women named Ellie (played by Bella Ramsey) across a dystopian futuristic America. Take this journey with the cast members and it will be exceptionally thrilling for the fans of the original video game. The series is already available to watch on HBOMax and OSN in the Middle East. To celebrate the screening premier, an event was hosted in Dubai on January 13th, where famous gamers, influencers and top media were invited to preview the fist episode together. 

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Will trent

Courtesy of abc.com
Courtesy of abc.com

Will Trent is an all-new detective drama and has been streaming on ABC since January 3rd. Star Ramón Rodríguez is on a serious mission to unfold a very harsh reality of a homicide case hidden from society. This will be a difficult case to solve so make sure you don’t miss out. The series is based on one of Karin Slaughter’s novels and co-creators Liz Heldens and Daniel T made sure that this show will be thrilling to watch.

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Mayfair witches

Courtesy of AMC

Based on Anne Rice’s bestseller book, this supernatural drama is based on the life of a neurosurgeon who recently discovers she is not an heir of a normal family, in fact she is a part of a family full of witches. The show is starring actress Alexandra Daddario from The White Lotus and famous Harry Hamlin, who is also known from a Mad Man. The exciting drama has been available to watch on AMC and OSN from January 8th. Watch this popular series and revel all the secrets that have been haunting the family for generations.

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Lady Voyeur

Courtesy of Netflix

Lady Voyeur was released earlier this month on Netflix as a limited series. This thriller takes a dramatic twist when a young, talented and voyeuristic hacker finds herself in trouble after investigating and secretly filming her neighbor, who is a sex worker. When her neighbor leaves for the weekend, she gets involved in discovering many secrets of a desirable yet dangerous man. Will she be able to reveal all the secrets and stay alive?

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Courtesy of Netflix

Kaleidoscope is a new addition to Netflix, which is a must watch show if you are a fan of previous Netflix series, such as Lupin, Money Heist and Army Of Thieves. The new show is a story of a master-mind thief and his crew, who are striving to pull of one of the biggest heists of all time, worth 7 billion dollars. Their plan is guarded by the world’s most powerful security team and each episode reveals a piece of the puzzle of their master plan which is twisted with corruption, betrayal and avarice. The crew’s loyalty is constantly tested throughout the series. The show is also the first that allows you to choose the order of the episodes, so that each person gets a unique user experience.

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