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The news that two women had been assaulted by the French police for wearing a hijab took the world by storm in April 2022. Fast forward six months, Mahsa Amini, a 22-year old girl lost her life due to Iran’s morality police brutality for the polar opposite reason: that’s right, for not wearing a hijab. This has spurred discussion about how women across the globe continue to struggle for the right to choose whether or not to cover their heads, as well as their right to choose what they wear. We can freely express our sense of style only when all women are given equal representation and are empowered, regardless of what they choose to wear or how they dress. Models and influencers with a modest outlook on fashion are under-represented and difficult to find on social media. Therefore, we’ve put together a list of some of the best accounts that you should follow.

Mthayel Al Ali

Just as she mentions on her website, “Mthayel Al Ali is a proud daughter of Sharjah, UAE” and the owner of three growing ventures: Takkhayal, Ara and Ce. With her remarkable sense of style and a creative approach towards women empowerment, she has built a following of 790K on Instagram. Mthayel debunks the myth that wearing a hijab prevents women from looking classy, by redefining modest fashion.

AYA Mohamed

The Egyptian-born and Milan-Based model, Aya Mohamed sets a perfect example for Muslim women that are passionate about setting new fashion trends all within the boundaries of their modest values. After getting a degree in Political Science, Aya decided to start her journey as a fashion model to represent and highlight Muslim women in the fashion industry.


Tasnim Ali is not only good at expressing her love for modest fashion through her admirable dressing style, but she has also done it by empowering and educating readers about the hijab in her book, VeLo Spiego. The veiled author and influencer took all the absurd comments about her hijab as an inspiration to write this book in order to dispel all of the myths around the veil.

Fatema Alawadhi

Fatema Alawadhi is a fashion blogger and a boutique owner who is widely loved with an audience of 351K, for an Instagram feed that is literally drenched in glamour. She for sure knows how to style her hijab in ways that surpasses every level of sartorial power-dressing. From throwing on a hat above her head scarf to tucking it away in a blazer, she is set to arrive with class to every occasion.

Dalal aldoub

The Kuwaiti influencer, Dalal Aldoub has been inspiring her Instagram family to try different makeup looks as well as to mix and match various colours and pieces in their wardrobes since 2012. The fact that she has amassed an Instagram following of 3.5M speaks for all the exciting beauty-tips and fashion advice she dishes out.

Leena al ghouti

Leena Al Ghouti, a Dubai-based digital creator is someone you must have on your following list if you’re looking for accounts that’d inspire you to pair your hijab with chic outfits. In an interview with Vogue, Leena unequivocally opened up about her unique perspective on the hijab. She believes, “it’s not actually about dressing modestly. It’s about being confident in whatever you wear. You can still look super cool and trendy, and there really are no restrictions if you are someone who is covered.” Leena does not only have a carefully curated Instagram feed for you to get inspired by, but also a unique perspective on dressing modestly to present.