From baggy jeans to oversized tees, it’s evident that comfort is key to true 90s style. That’s why Levi’s 501s were dubbed the “fashion item of the 20th century” back in 1999 in Time Magazine. It has been one of the fashion brand’s signature styles since 1890, providing optimal comfort with its straight-legged design made with high-quality denim. They’re perennially cool and attract today’s tastemakers like Hailey Bieber. In her latest campaign video with the company, Bieber notes how the jeans’ relaxed fit makes her feel comfortable and confident, which is one the highest compliments you can give to a piece of clothing. It’s no wonder that fashion has held onto these jeans for so long. 

The simplicity of the jeans makes them a timeless item that suits a wide range of people who repeatedly restyle them throughout the years. In that way, 501s are a true chameleon and become the uniform for people from all walks of life. The American biker gangs of the 1950s wore their 501s with leather jackets to the tech giant Steve Jobs’ signature 90s style: 501s, sneakers, and tucked in tees. Levi’s 501s’ wide-ranging customer base is a testimony to the products high quality. The lesson is that you need a pair of jeans that you can depend on no matter who you are. 

Today, Hailey Bieber joins other contemporary celebrities, like Kanye West and ASAP Rocky, in wearing the jeans. Their commitment to Levi’s 501s reinvigorates the brand and makes it relevant today with their new takes on the classic style. With designer sneakers and tees, this fashion vanguard leans into the 501s association with the 90s and presents them in a relaxed fashion. Hailey Bieber’s campaign follows in a similar vein. In the campaign, a barefaced Bieber styles her 501s with a cropped white tank top and an ankle bracelet. The unbuttoned style is simple and raw, drawing from aesthetic codes of the 90s. The stripped-back style reminds us that Levi’s is, at its core, a brand dedicated to producing jeans made of high-quality denim material. It’s simple and effective, just like the style of the jeans themselves.