Their Majesties King Abdullah and Queen Rania of Jordan returned to their Amman on Tuesday, 19th of April after the King had to undergo a surgery in Germany last week. The King and Queen were greeted by Crown Prince Hussein and Prince Hashem, as well as other officials and officers, where they all congratulated him on his full and successful recovery.

During His Majesty King Abdullah’s week-off rest post-surgery, the Crown Prince Hussein was acting regent while his father recovered from his slipped disc surgery.

Queen Rania posted on Instagram a photo in celebration of her husband King Abdullah’s return from Germany in which she stated in her post: “At home and among your family and your people. Thankful for Your Majesty’s recovery”

The Royal Palace announced on Tuesday that the king had underwent surgery in Germany to treat a thoracic herniated disc, which was a result of extreme physical activity from military duties, as reported by local Jordanian news.

The King received calls from His Majesty, King Salman of Saudi Arabia, the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed, and the Prince of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim, wishing him a speedy recovery and congratulating him on the success of his surgery, as reported by Petra news agency.