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Calling all Chanel devotees, and especially the Karl Lagerfeld fiends, The House of Karl Lagerfeld and renowned actor Jared Leto have devised a collaborative plan to create a movie that pays homage to the fashion legend. The movie will be produced in partnership with Leto’s wife Emma Ludbrook, who is a film producer and co-owner of their production company called ‘Paradox.’ Leto gained huge success playing his role as ‘Paolo Gucci’ in the House of Gucci movie, and this venture should be no different with the actor embodying Karl Lagerfeld. The talented duo will be joined by three individuals who played huge roles in his life for decades, including Caroline Lebar, who was as an advisor for his brand and head of personal communications simultaneously for over 35 years; Sebastian Jondeau, who was the designer’s personal assistant and bodyguard for 20 years, and still remains a part of the brand by acquiring the role of a style consultant; and lastly, Pier Paolo Righi, who has been the CEO of The House of Karl Lagerfeld for 10 years. The story line is yet to be released, but it will definitely cover the most influential parts of the visionary’s life. Lagerfeld completely transformed the fashion landscape utilising his strong sense of self and impeccable taste, he was able to introduce modernism to Chanel’s heritage seamlessly, and will forever remain embedded into the fashion history as one of the greatest.

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Jared Leto has stated “Karl has always been an inspiration to me,” … “He was a true polymath, an artist, an innovator, a leader and, most importantly, a kind man. When we came together with the KARL LAGERFELD team, we immediately shared a creative vision of doing a respectful ode to Karl while pushing the artistic boundaries of what a biopic can be. I’m so grateful to Karo, Pier and Seb for allowing us to go on this journey together.” Following Leto’s statement Righi, CEO of The House of Karl Lagerfeld has shared, “over the years, we have been approached by several Hollywood producers who suggested to partner on a movie about Karl’s iconic life… It has been only since we met Jared and Emma that we felt truly confident about the story being told in the artistic way Karl would have loved to see. Throughout our conversations, we have created an equally trustful and inspiring creative relationship that will allow us to work together very fluidly on this beautiful project.

The esteemed designer passed away in February 2019 but continues to be an icon in fashion, with his work recently announced as Met Gala’s theme for next year, “Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty,” by Anna Wintour. The night will be a celebration dedicated to “explore his creative process, the evolution of his designs, and his everlasting impact on fashion.” We can’t wait to watch the movie and witness all the Met Gala looks.