Alexa, turn the volume up to ten, because we have a disco to attend. Plenty of well-known celebrities appeared at Beyonce‘s disco-themed 41st birthday party, and we are just as amazed as you are with all of the dazzling outfit choices worn by the attendees. From glitz to glam, to sparkles and ’70s-themed looks, we’ve rounded up six of the most captivating outfit choices from this celebration ’cause the celebs did not hold back, and we loved every moment of it because Queen B deserves to be celebrated.


Yes, someone really did say disco. Khloe Kardashian went full out with her outfit choice when attending the celebration. She dressed in a sparkling silver twinset from Celia Kritharioti, accentuating her toned figure. The Good American business owner couldn’t get enough of the sparkles, as she opted for glittery knee-length boots, which made the outfit sparkle even more. Khloe really did shine as bright as a diamond.


Kim Kardashian showed off her wild side through this bold, striking red look. The zebra print one-piece from Balenciaga was a figure-hugging outfit choice from the lawyer, and we can’t get enough of it. She attended Queen B’s 41st birthday and made a bold statement, as she always does, especially with the ”Hourglass xs Handbag” in the glitter material. She really gave us the night fever feeling we all want at a disco-themed party.


Joining Kim Kardashian on the wild side, Lala Anthony wore a snakeskin one-piece. The cut-out one-piece looked stunning on her, and we just can’t get enough of the girl boss black shades, as we know those disco lights can get bright.


Bella Hadid appeared alongside her close friends at the celebration wearing a chic YSL bodysuit. Hadid completed her look with beauty by the talented makeup artist Jeelan Nadirah Aleem. This snatched look is the one to remember.


Megan Fox shined as bright as a disco ball while celebrating Beyonce’s 41st. She wore a glittery two-set piece with knee-high white socks, embracing the ’70s look and paired it with thick sliver heels–there isn’t such thing as too much glitter. We are not surprised that Megan Fox was styled by Maeve Reilly, a popular celebrity stylist known for her creative, contemporary, and bold looks. Now, this look makes us want to party.


Actress Gabrielle Union looked memorising at Beyonce’s disco-themed birthday party, and we loved every detail of it. She wore chunky beads in her braids, which matched perfectly with her glittery silver crop top and low-waisted denim layered skort. She finished it off with chunky brown boots, sticking with neutral tones. This unique look was styled by Thomas Christos Kikis, and we are here for it.

Lizzo Beeating

Lizzo pulled off a daring red two-piece set by ‘Adidas x Gucci’ collaboration, which complimented her fierce nails and gold bling as she posed for the camera.


Offset couldn’t have looked any cooler as he expressed his inner Micheal Jackson when showing up to Beyonce’s birthday bash, with his sparkling attire.

Halle Bailey

The couple looked cute as ever as they posed in front of the mirror, in a matching navy blue Adidas tracksuit, rocking the ’70s look ready to take on the dance floor.

Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington the successful actress shined bright as ever in a dazzling gold set, that made her look priceless whilst holding a pose for the camera, just before celebrating queen b’s birthday bash.