Khloé Kardashian attends the SHEIN X 100K Challenge 2021 in Sun Valley, California. (Photo by SHEIN X 100K Challenge 2021/Getty Images for SHEIN)

Khloé Kardashian has kept a pretty low profile since KUWTK ended earlier this year, as opposed to her sisters Kim and Kourtney, who have been the talk of the town with their fashion stunts and public relationships. Khloé on the other hand has seemingly decided to take things down a notch, not appearing so much in the public eye. She’s taken a focus on improving both her physical and mental health, as revealed in a recent interview, and on top of that, more focused on her role as a mother.

When asked about her clothing brand, Good American, Khloé discusses how the brand was the thing that found her, not the other way around. Between Khloé and Good American’s co-founder Emma Grede, their mission has always been driven by inclusivity in the fashion industry. This especially hits home with someone like the former reality star, who revealed that one point, brands would indirectly tell her that they would not make clothes for her.

“We started having a conversation about clothes and how I felt excluded my whole life. I’ve fluctuated. At my largest, I was a 14 or 16 — which, by the way, is totally standard in the U.S,” Khloé said in an interview for Health. “I always felt excluded from my own family — not by them. On shopping trips, I couldn’t shop where they shopped. I’d be indirectly told by brands that their clothes weren’t for me because they didn’t produce a dress in my size.”

She then reveals that Good American has had to walk away from partnerships with “so many: retailers” due to the fact that they would not carry a fully size-inclusive line of clothing.

On the front of wellness, Khloé talks about how she approaches her daily practice of taking care of herself, and how the back-and-forth of dieting is the exact opposite of beneficial for her. Wellness is actually about her mind, body and soul in a combined effort.

“It’s cliché, but it’s all about mind, body, and soul. If I am not mentally strong then I physically feel like I can’t do what I want to do,” she said. “So, it is really not about the physical appearance. That’s a by-product. You can tell when someone is genuinely happy from the inside out.”

And the most important step in that process for Khloé? Realizing that she needs her alone time.

“After my daughter goes to bed, I don’t want to be around people. I want to lie in bed and watch TV—that’s my recharge moment. There’s been so many days that I’m like, I feel so badass and good. And then my demeanor will be shot down because someone posted a story about how they perceive me or how they think I look. It’s so strange because we know the truth about ourselves. So why let what someone says affect you? But it does.”