Priyanka Chopra
Credit: Stephane Cardinale – Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images

On April 27 360,927 people tested positive for COVID-19 in India. The deadly second wave has overrun hospitals with images of patients dying while awaiting treatment a stark reality of the pandemic overseas. Actress Priyanka Chopra has taken to social media with an impassioned speech urging followers to assist in the crisis.

“Why do we need to care? Why is it so urgent right now? I’m sitting in London and I’m hearing from my friends and family in India about how hospitals are at capacity, there are no rooms in ICUs,” Chopra says on Instagram. “Ambulances are too busy, oxygen supply is less, crematoriums having mass cremations because the volume of deaths is so much.”

“India is my home and India is bleeding. And we, as a global community, need to care. And I’ll tell you why we need to care: Because unless everyone is safe, no one is safe.”

“And I understand a lot of people must be angry thinking about why we are in this place in the first place? Why is this happening?” she continues. “Well, we’ll address that. We’ll address that after we stop the urgency.”

A sense of helplessness can be experienced in crisis. The Quantico star has suggested donating to GiveIndia, which she describes as “the largest organisation on the ground in India providing Covid relief.” In the caption of the video, Chopra explained she and husband Nick Jonas “have and will continue to contribute”

The Joe Biden Administration announced this week it would share its AstraZeneca vaccine supply with other countries including India. Chopra responded to the news on Twitter.

“I am heartened by President Biden’s additional comments yesterday that he intends to send vaccines to India in the near future. So far the US has confirmed, pending FDA approval, that 10 million doses could be shared within the next few weeks. However, it could take months before the remaining 50 million are delivered.”

While monetary donations may not be possible for everyone, we suggest simply sharing the news to ensure the crisis does not fall to the wayside. And ultimately, if you’re feeling unwell, stay at home.