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From Elsa Schiaparelli’s sculptural jewellery designs to Coco Chanel’s signature pearl necklaces, jewellery has the power to transform any outfit into a statement. Sitting at the cross-section of art and accessories, fine jewellery is a collector’s item that embodies luxury ideals: high-quality materials, craftsmanship, timelessness, and exclusivity. In our neverending search for this investment piece, we turn to fine jewellery for women made by women. Ahead, five female-founded fine jewellery companies to have on your radar.


Gaia Repossi is the creative director for the fine jewellery label Repossi, which her grandmother founded in 1957. She is known for reimagining classic pieces of fine jewellery with a modern twist, crafting the brand’s signature pear shape, which she features throughout Repossi’s “Serti Sur Vide” collection. The name translates to “Set on the Void,” which is fitting, seeing how Repossi designs the precious stones to look like they are floating off her necklaces and bands. Repossi used this concept in their latest Chromatic Sapphires Collection collection, which features sapphires sourced by Moyo Gems (an organisation dedicated to responsible miner-to-market practices in East Africa that supports the Tanzanian Women Miners Association). This collaboration underscores Repossi’s commitment to sisterhood and women’s visibility in the gemstone industry, making the pieces in the collection all the more special.

Discover Repossi’s jewellery designs here.

Azza Fahmy Jewellery

Azza Fahmy is an Egyptian jewellery designer with a rich history in the business, dating back to 1969. She is known to draw from cultural references, such as poetry and architecture while forming her designs, which she creates using craftsmanship techniques that are thousands of years old. Each piece holds a unique story for the wearer communicated through calligraphy and design, making it all the more personal for the owner.

Shop Azza Fahmy’s designs here.

Tales of Gems

The Emirati designer and entrepreneur Shaima Nasser deeply appreciates stones and their everlasting beauty. So much so that she founded Tales of Gems Dubai to communicate their meaning and history. With her precise cuts, Nasser creates shapes that expertly reveal her gems’ natural ability to reflect and refract light. It’s her way of telling their centuries-old story.

View Nasser’s latest collection for Tales of Gems here.


LaStella is an exquisite high-end jewellery brand based in Dubai, which Shahad Abdullatif created during the global pandemic. The brand specialises in diamonds and 18K gold, which Abdullatif renders into chokers, earrings, bangles, necklaces and rings. Her designs are an ideal pairing for the shopper with minimalist taste who prefers a no-frills approach to their fine jewellery. With just two materials and plenty of items to choose from, LaStella jewellery proves that less is more.

Shop Abdullatif’s latest collection for Lastella here.

Swati Dhanak

Swati Dhanak grew up visiting her grandfather’s gold workshop in Dubai, where she developed a deep appreciation for jewellery. As she grew up, Dhanak held onto her passion for jewellery and decided to create her namesake jewellery brand in New York, specialising in fine gold and diamond jewellery. Today, Dhanak makes artistic items that depict a modern view of fine jewellery design and her appreciation of the beauty found in imperfections.

Explore Swati Dhanak’s jewellery here.