Influential Fashion Films

When it comes to finding a fashionable movie, there are literally hundreds of them, from Clueless to Breakfast at Tiffany’s and beyond. The many fashion films have inspired the way we dress and, most importantly, have impacted the runway itself. Typically, when it comes to setting the trends, the runway dictates the cinematic style, but if there’s anything that time has proven, is that films have a significant influence on fashion.

The interplay between film and fashion has proven to become a long celebrated dynamic, creating some of the most iconic costumes and nostalgic trends we’ve seen resurfacing the fashion scene. And as a fashion stylist myself, I have noticed certain movies and pop culture references inspiring an array of designers.

Below, find the eight films that had a significant influence on the fashion industry, which are remembered and constantly recreated by designers all across the globe.

1. breakfast at tiffany’s

Audry Hepburn in a black Givenchy gown, need I say more? This iconic cinematic movie has influenced many of us fashionistas with Hepburn’s elegant and exquisite taste, along with her love for diamond necklaces and velvet gloves. It goes without saying, Holly Golightly is a style icon and will forever be.

2. a simple favor

Now, I know the movie didn’t attract the best reviews, but A Simple Favour had the entire fashion industry head over heels for Blake Lively’s characters wardrobe. In my opinion, this movie paved the way for women to step out wearing a traditional tailored suit. We saw Lively wearing three-piece power suits inspired by the film director, Paul Feig, who wears suits on his days off. The aesthetic was everything, and the best part is her shoes were always candy-coloured and extravagant.

3. The devil wears prada

This isn’t just a fashion movie, it’s the fashion movie. The Devil Wears Prada is one of the most iconic fashion films that ever hit the silver screen, showing us a real glimpse into the world of Anna Wintour. For those of you who haven’t watch it, it’s filled with head-to-toe Chanel ensembles and a sneak peek into the so-called ‘catty’ magazine world.

4. Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby is probably the definition of excess and glamour. The 70s themed film has influenced designers like Marc Jacobs, Tory Burch, and Prada’s runway collections. It even translated into a clothing line by Bloomingdale’s that sold out instantly from their stores.

5. clueless

May we introduce you to the 90s film that officially paved the way for two-piece tartan sets and outrageous headpieces. Also, the fact that the movie created the most quotable fashion references of all time.


From the Vivienne Westwood wedding dress to the bridal couture photoshoot and each individual gals iconic sense of style, SATC holds a special spot in our hearts and gives us the uttermost fashion inspiration in our time of need.