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First came Cairo International Film Festival, followed by Red Sea International film festival, and the newest one to hit the block is taking place right here in Dubai. Reel Palestine Film Festival is going to be held in Dubai from January 29th to February 6th, celebrating Middle Eastern cinema, and more specifically, Palestinian film.

This annual film festival celebrates Palestinian stories told through artistic and independent films. The panel is constantly reviewing entries to include the newest and latest stories about Palestinian heritage and culture. Last year’s festival presented stories covering heartbreak, love, family and the ‘creative spirit of humanity‘. Reel Palestine aims to depict the love and passion in Palestinian-made content in order to inspire more people.

This year’s festival will be held at the GCC’s sole arthouse cinema, Cinema Akil. Cinema Akil has held over 80 pop-up cinemas attracting viewers all over the UAE. The venue is also planning on holding a souq promoting Palestinian grown brands selling books, spices, clothing and much more.

Whilst partnering with Visualizing Palestine, Kave People, Gulf Photos and Flip Side DXB this festival is not something you want to miss.