bella hadid dua lipa acne
Credit: Twitter/@BellaHadidBra

Bella Hadid and Dua Lipa are two of the most recognisable faces in the world right now, which is hard work in and of itself. For women in the public eye – especially in roles that rely so heavily on appearance – notoriety unfortunately also equals a lot of maintenance. It’s not always all bad (after all, who wouldn’t love to get a facial in the name of work?) but our skin is still entirely unique to each of us – so sometimes, no amount of expensive creams or treatments can keep it in check.

That’s why we always find it so refreshing when celebrities get candid about their skin issues, whether it’s Kim Kardashian opening up about her psoriasis or Keke Palmer sharing her acne journey as a symptom of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). And now both Hadid and Lipa have shared their blemishes  on Instagram, posting Stories about their skin within hours of each other.

Lipa was first, sharing a video of herself as a passenger in a car, with a spot cream on a blemish visible near her chin. “Spot cream is THE accessory of the moment,” the “We’re Good” singer jokingly captioned the video.

A few hours later, Hadid – sister to Anwar Hadid, Lipa’s boyfriend – followed suit, perhaps inspired by her brother’s girlfriend. The supermodel was also in a car, where she sat and panned the camera across her filtered face to reveal a few small blemishes around her chin. “My acne giving me a run for my money,” she captioned the short video.

Of course, neither stars are suffering from the severe, persistent, debilitating acne that many experience (myself included), but we do appreciate them sharing the reality that sometimes comes with, you know, having living, breathing skin. It goes a way in helping others to recognise that blemishes and skin ‘imperfections’ should be both expected and accepted – no matter how much money or access you have.