There has been a surge in the number of Saudi creatives basking in the limelight of their gifts recently. This influx is promoting some innovative and beautiful content all over our Instagram feed. Painters, conceptual artists, entrepreneurs, graffiti artists, singers, and more are creating content in their separate niches in the Kingdom and deserve the recognition they’re receiving.

Have a look below at some of the Saudi creatives to watch out for in 2022.


Instagram @doujana

Tiktoker Doujana is an avid adventurer. She scuba dives, free dives, plays the piano, paints, plays ice hockey and so much more. The Tiktoker creates a variety of hilarious content, underwater and on land. She just graduated Effat University and has 405 thousand followers on Instagram and 3 million followers on Tiktok.


Bayan Yassin

Bayan Yassin is a conceptual and illustrative artist that is bringing Saudi heritage and culture into her illustrations. She has also illustrated a children’s book called “Habib the Camel“. Her illustration page has twenty-two thousand followers and avid admirers. You might’ve seen one of her art pieces when it was displayed on a 36-floor skyscraper in Dubai Festival City. This artist is one to look out for.


Noura Bouzo

Winner of Arab Women’s Award Artist of The Year back in 2015, Noura Buozo is a unique artist and sculpturer. She creates a range of installation pieces that embed Islamic history and 14th-century Islamic objects into her art from a 21st-century point of view. One of her more unique pieces is an incense holder in the shape of the ancient city of Al Hegra.


This Saudi based singer made headlines after his single “Learning to Live Without You” was added to a worldwide Spotify playlist. The attention from the playlist helped Abdul Rahman Hajaj reach almost a “quarter of a million streams”.  Check out his latest EP Last Call For Coco on Spotify.

Dr. Wafa Al-Rushaid

Dr Wafa Al Rushaid, Raffles Institute

Dr Wafa Al-Rushaid is a Saudi national philanthropist like no other. She has been making her mark since 1991 around the Kingdom. Not only does she have a PhD in international relations and diplomacy from the American Graduate School in Paris, but she also has an associate of art in art history, criticism, and conservation from Sotheby’s Institute of Art. When she’s not busy with chairwoman work for the multiple companies she’s involved with, she writes for AlwatanSA. 

Noura Bin Saidan

Graffiti artist, Noura Bin Saidan, has been decorating Khobar’s neighborhoods with her beautiful murals. Recently she was seen operating a crane in order to paint the walls of Riyadh City Boulevard. She produced 16 murals showcasing the region’s most celebrated singers and writers. She also did some artwork for MDL Beast: the region’s biggest music festival that was held last December.

Zahra Dar Bundakji

Zahra Dar Bundakji,

This Pakistani Saudi Arabian creative is not only an artist but a curator, painter, and founder of the Marginalized Middle East Arts Network (MMEAN). MMEAN is a space Zahra Dar Bundakji created to create a dialogue about art within its environmental restrictions, pushing artists to express themselves.

Nour Alkhadra

Founder and CEO of WeGeek, based in London, Nour Al Khadra is making a name in the STEM industry, an industry that is lacking female representation. She also has her own YouTube gaming channel, “Nour Torious Gamer,” where she plays and reviews games. Nour also co-founded an AI and Robotics platform called Robonetica that delves into virtual reality events and gaming experiences.

Nouf Alhimiary

Instagram @noufling

Nouf Al Himiary has a passion for girlhood, gender performance, and digital media studies. Making her a leading figure in women’s activism in the Kingdom. From photography, poetry and painting, Nouf has dipped her hands into all of the art mediums.