Courtesy of Dubai Tourism

Whether you live in Dubai or across the globe, it’s inevitable that you’ve seen Jessica Alba and Zac Efron’s recent trailers for Dubai Tourism. With four short clips, the trailers help you escape into a world where dreams turn into reality and nothing is impossible. But if you’ve visited Dubai before, you know that that’s exactly how you’d define Dubai. We wanted to find out what the experience was like for the duo in Dubai, and what they loved the most during their stay. So we asked them all the questions you’re dying to know the answers to in our exclusive interview.

Grazia: What was your favourite or most enjoyable experience filming the Dubai trailers?

Jessica Alba: It is too hard to pick just one favourite part about working on this campaign! I loved being able to take in so many amazing pieces of Dubai and do it in such a condensed period of time.

Zac Efron: I am so grateful to have been invited to participate in this campaign.  Dubai is a melting pot of so many different cultures and nationalities, it really comes through in the city’s dynamism. Playing so many different characters over five days felt almost natural in Dubai, it was really reflective of a city that never stops changing.

Behind the scenes of the Dubai trailers, courtesy of Dubai Tourism

G: What drew you to this project?

Jessica Alba: What didn’t draw me to this project is really the answer! Dubai, having so much fun, getting to explore and play so many different characters and so many different genres, and with Craig Gillespie and Zac Efron – all of it.

Zac Efron: I jumped at the opportunity to travel, explore and work with an incredible director and team in creating materials that bring this vibrant city to life. A once in a lifetime chance to collaborate with a great creative team and simultaneously immerse myself into the culture and hospitality that Dubai has to offer.

Which was your favorite trailer?

Jessica Alba: I really enjoyed all of them.  I would say the rom-com was probably the most fun just because I’ve never played that character before, kind of but not really. But I also really enjoy doing action, so the action stuff was also really fun. The period drama as well, it was like one of the most visually stunning pieces that I’ve seen on camera.

Zac Efron: If I had to pick, I think I love the rom-com the best simply because I think that the visuals are amazing. I have to say that I was completely in awe of the diverse contrasts found in Dubai…from the high rises and urban life to the serene desert and beautiful beaches, the city really does offer something for everyone…

Behind the scenes of the Dubai trailers, courtesy of Dubai Tourism

G: What is the one thing about Dubai you find most memorable? Did you experience any traditions or customs of Arabic culture that you enjoyed? Tell us more about it.

Jessica Alba: What I thought was unique about Dubai is the respect and a true appreciation for traditional customs. Certainly, you can see a culture and people whose backgrounds come to life in different ways, but the Bedouin vibe was really appreciated and handled with such care and respect, but then also how super modern and almost like in the future, other pieces felt.

Zac Efron: I think that the most memorable experience was going on the desert safari. I was also amazed by how diverse the offerings of the city were… everything from activities to landscape to food and entertainment options… they were endless. Also, I will say that the people in general were extremely welcoming and warm throughout our visit and made us feel extremely comfortable.

G:Do you think you’ll come back again? What’s on your bucket list of things to do next time that you didn’t have the chance to do?

Jessica Alba: I would love to come back to Dubai with my family.  I actually called my family several times and said we are coming back here, we are doing our holiday here for our Christmas vacation, we are coming here NYE, I was telling my kids that it is awesome, and they were like “Mom I’m so jealous, why do you get to be there?” And I was like “I know, I’m bringing you guys next time”.  So, the family is in and I can’t wait to come back with my husband and my kids.

Zac Efron: I loved Dubai and hope to have the opportunity to come back soon.


If you haven’t watched the  trailers yet, what are you waiting for?