6 Impactful Instagram Accounts You Must Follow For Culture Enrichment
Photo Courtesy by instagram.com/nadir.nahd

We live in a time where consuming content has become a norm in our daily routines. We are all guilty of picking up our phones the minute our mind is free. Be it while commuting, waiting or even as a distraction from stress, we rely on our phones. As we step into a new year, a resolution you must make is to be mindful of the content you consume. ‘Mindfulness’ is the key to living a life with purpose. You can begin by following these Instagram accounts that offer much more than aestheticism.


Zirrar Ali, a London-based writer and travel photographer, is a social media content creator who shares his perspectives on Muslim culture and Islamic architecture from his travels. He has spent the last decade travelling the East from North Africa, Egypt, and Hejaz to the lands of Khorasan. He presents an unprejudiced view of the Muslim countries he travels to through poetry, or photography. His documentation of each country’s history and the culture of its people evokes a sentiment to rediscover the beauty of Arab countries, and Islam through his work.


Nadir Nahdi

Born and raised in London, Nahdi is of Yemeni, Pakistani, Indonesian and Kenyan heritage. The producer and filmmaker depicts the distinctive experience of children of the diaspora such as the The Doppi Project, and by recreating traditional foods interwoven with tales from the four aforementioned cultures. Risen from the need to find his own voice, Nahdi not only represents the identity battle every third culture kid faces but he shows you how to fight through it. If there is a part of you that needs a subtle reminder here and there to fix your crown in all your brown glory, you need Nahdi in your feed.

Yara Ayoob

Benefit Middle East’s Regional Brow Artist and spokesperson, Yara Ayoob is more than a content creator and a make-up artist. The Bahraini artist’s quirky and creative photoshoots are inspired by her Bahraini traditions and culture. By incorporating traditional Khaleeji features into her outfits, such as the abayat al-ras, thobe nashal, gubgub, and other similar traditional jewellery, she encourages her Instagram followers to express themselves more fully. Her feed subtly unfastens the subconscious cognitive bias of what it means to be a modern young Arab woman. Ayoob recently became one of 0.025% of Louis Vuitton employees to be awarded the Metiers D’Excellence award in Paris this November representing Maison Benefit.


We can sometimes be defined by what we chose to wear as it is a way to express ourselves. In a diverse world, it can be tricky since narratives are also forced upon articles of clothing. Summer Albarcha is a modest fashion style expert who is unapologetically herself. She takes the Western fashion trends, sewing them to create her interpretation of them by holding on to her identity sternly. Summer has carved her own path to encourage women to be proud of their freedom in how they choose to dress. She believes “modest” and “modern” can not only coexist but also create some of the most spectacular fashion moments.

Anthony O. Gomes

Anthony Gomes brings South Asia’s fearless fashion which is an uncommon site in the mainstream media to his feed. Through the medium of fashion, the creator brings his love for his Bengali culture and his passion for visual storytelling to redefine Desi menswear. Covering fashion, photography, DIY, thrifting, dance and painting, Gomes’s unique projects combine his love of the arts with South Asian culture. What differentiates you is your heritage, and Gomes’ Instagram account feed exuberantly drives us to embrace and celebrate our roots.